27Sep10- Part 1

Yesterday was pretty exciting.
Went to church in the morning.Kinda funny cause the preacher was giving a sermon about acting out on our compassion, not being believers. It was interesting to me since he is giving the sermon (at an english speaking church) to a room half full of missionaries here from the U.S. Even people who have been here a long time still need the reminder that it is not about what we have done, or what we believe, but a daily desire to act out of our compassion, love, and faith to show the world what God is doing, and trust completely what God is doing for us.

Then, went to the airport to pick up Maggie and Tiff. They are here through most of December to work with Mission of Hope in Grand Goave. For those keeping track of how small the world is, they also both worked at Ligonier Camp and Conference center this summer, which is right near Johnstown.
We all got settled in to the completed rooms at the beach house for Mission of Hope last night and just enjoyed a good night taking in the view and talking.
Pastor Lex was excited to see all of us as well.

Today, Yves and I will continue on to Les Cayes, where I will check out the battery/inverter system for Missions International of America. We will also go out to the Savanette to pick up some tools to use while I am here.
Smiley and Jude want to go with me back to Delmas, I will see if I can make that work or not.

God Bless,

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