27Sep10-Part 2

27Sep10 – Part 2
Had a good morning, waking up at the beach property in Grand Goave.
Maggie and Tiff will have a lot of work to do working on the administrative side of the Mission of Hope school. Pastor Lex will be returning to America soon, I think on Wednesday morning.

Drove out to Cayes today. It was uneventful, thankfully. Driving is still an adventure here. Really wasn’t much traffic though. The more exciting part was once I was in Cayes. The road out to Savanette had some fairly serious flooding. Glad I’m in a pretty good off road vehicle in the Mitsubishi equivalent to a Land Cruiser. In this case, the options for caulking the wagon or hiring an indian guide were not available, so I went the route of fording the river. 🙂

Having dinner and staying the night at the MIA guest house in Cayes. Smiley, Jude, and Pizo will be joining us for dinner, and I think Smiley and Jude will travel with me back to Port-Au-Prince and work for a week to give me some extra hands. I told they I can’t pay them as well for this trip, but they still want to go. They don’t seem to do much when no missions team is around, so they are exited to do something I think.

I also got a bunch of tools from the container out here. Chop saw, Jig saw, a little wire, and some other various things. Sadly couldn’t find a dispenser for caulk here, so I guess I’ll have to buy one. Also couldn’t find the corded circular saw, so I will have to keep cycling batteries or put a wood blade on the chop saw.

In other interesting news, Mission of Hope is partnering with “Be Like Britt” to help put up another orphanage in Grand Goave. It will be interesting to see how things play out with H&F, MOH, and BlB all having facilities there. Hopefully, all will work together well and everyone’s efforts will be multiplied. Look forward to meeting the folks from be like britt sometime in the future too.

In less exciting news, I really need to spend at least a week in Cayes, and a week in Grand Goave, running any tests I can on the systems to improve reliability. All future projects are on hold until I am sure I can get past these problems. In Gr Goave, it may just be the batteries showing age, so I have some ideas to try to remedy, or at least test that.
In Cayes, the systems is almost non-responsive now. I will have to talk to the companies that built the equipment, cause I didn’t even pick that stuff out, I just pieced it together.

Please be praying for:
-Tim Mullen’s dad – He is struggling through a second bout with cancer.
-Candance Gordon – She needs the final $1500 for her discipleship training course by Wednesday. Please be praying for God to continue to provide as he has thus far.
-Maggie and Tiff starting this period in Grand Goave. It will be quite an experience for them.
-Wisdom for me. I will now have 3 haitians working with me, so I need to be on top of things from a management role.
-God’s will for getting kids into the H&F orphanages, and for timing of taking in kids.
-Also for people considering missions work in Haiti. Josh, Rullo, and Katy Niles have all expressed interest, just pray that God would work in their hearts and guide them where He wants them to go.

Bondye Beniw, or Bondye Bene ou, (God Bless You, depending on what Haitian tells me how to spell it. lol.)

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