So ends another week with MIA and Dr. Jay in Les Cayes.

It was a good one. The team was great. Dan, Jim, James, Wayne,

Bruce, Jay and I were all doing construction or development work

the whole time. Got a lot accomplished.

The water system, described previously, is working well. We now

have three different sets of solar panels hooked up at that

facility, new batteries on the school’s power system, a farming

plot with drip irrigation installed, and much more organized


Basically, we undertook about 4 different projects that in the

past would have been a week long project itself, and becuase of

this team were able to finish all of them concurrently.

Also, we got to see some awesome changes down here.
Bruce lost his good pliers on two occasions, but both times they

re-appeared in the container in a proper storage place.

Apparently theft is heading down a bit.
We did have an incident or two, but it was a much less common

occurance than in the past.

Now I’m sitting on the porch in Grand Goave, gonna head out to

the beach property. Yeah, it’s early, we were up at 4am to start

driving today from Cayes, but it’s all good.
I’ll get to meet Drex and Jo Stuart today, and I’ll lay out my

plans for the next few days.
I want to get to PAP to get the car registered, but there’s no

reason to get there until Sunday evening, since the registration

office will be closed.

I didn’t get to bring any solar panels back with me, but I will

be heading back out to Cayes soon.
Next up, Tim Muzzie is coming down Feb 3rd, and I will pick up

Bob (I forget his last name), an engineer that is retiring and

wants to see MIA’s work down here to get involved, on the 5th.

Then I will head to Cayes for a day, before I return him to PAP

for his flight.

Wish List:
-Clamp Meter with DC Current reading capability (mine is broken)

God Bless.

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