“Come and Listen, Come and Listen to What He Has Done…”

Those lyrics are from a David Crowder song, one that I will always remember from my days at

Apex Community Church in Ohio.

It’s a theme for why I write on here.

Everything I do is for the purpose of honoring God.
I pray that He is honored by my actions, but there are many times that I feel the greatest

way to honor Him is simply to tell of the things He has done.

Even if they are simple.

For some reason, tonight I just needed a simple reminder.

I am in Grand Goave, working with Be Like Brit, the Hands and Feet Project, and Mission of

Hope International. These are some of my first friends in Haiti, and it is a great network

of people I love. Between them all, there are currently 2 churches and a school being built

to minister to the kids in the area. I’m so excited to see all the changes, and the

realization that all the construction in the area is completely building up the local


But this post isn’t about that.
It’s about the fact that I was in need, and God supplied.
With all of this work, I am going to contribute as the electrical and solar installer, and

I even get to have some input into the process. However, I didn’t feel very connected to

things here, and was not feeling involved. I was wondering if it was even a priority as

these groups have much more experienced people working on all their projects and it just

felt out of my league.
But, I got to meet with Paul Fallon, the architect today, and he sought my input, and

caught me up to speed. And that was what I needed. Just when I needed it. To know that I am

considered valuable to the project.
How often do we just need that reminder?

And how often do we just miss the fact that God is whispering it in our ears the whole


My more trivial moment of the day was just about ten minutes ago.
I took a shower. It was my first shower with running water since I got here on Thursday.

When I was at the Mangine’s house in Jacmel, I took bucket showers. They have running

water, but Nick has shared many stories about running out of water mid-shower, so he takes

bucket showers. So I followed his lead, and took bucket showers myself, so I always know

how much water is left. Therefore, I was excited to take a shower at MOHI tonight.
Except, my shampoo and soap were no where to be found.
I looked into the shower stalls and didn’t find anything, so I Was disappointed. But, I was

still going to rinse off at least, so I went to grab my towel, and when I opened the shower

stall, I found small bottles of soap and shampoo tucked under the shower curtain where I

hadn’t seen them before.
I was pretty happy about that.

You know, sometimes it’s the simple things to remind us. God provided. In this case, it

wasn’t even for something dreadfully important (unless you ask the people I’m around that

think I stink), but that didn’t matter. It was the fact that He provides. Even through

random ways like some other short term missionary leaving their extra soap and shampoo in

the shower.

And it got me to thinking. God has provided so many things.
Since I have arrived in Haiti, I have stayed with friends, and even ate my meals with them.

God has provided for me through them. I have not been lacking food or shelter.
I have a truck, that keeps running and gets me where I’m going. I have what I need, and it

allows me to be the one to provide what someone else needs, when they need it.
Sometimes it’s just advice, or a chance to talk, but sometimes, it is the wire that is in

the truck, or the trailer hitch that someone packed while the truck was still in the


I have to give Him a ton of credit for that.
He cares enough for me to pay attention to my needs.
He does the same for everyone He cares about. Please look around and thank Him for what He

has provided for you.

Another example is the laptop I am currently writing this on. My laptop broke when I went

home last time, and yet God provided this machine for me to work on.
I will praise Him.

That being said, sometimes it takes longer than we think it should for Him to provide, and

sometimes it is hard.
Please pray that I would be patient in those times, and please seek for yourself in those

time to follow Him and trust that He will provide in His time.

Tonight, please pray for Nick and Gwen Mangine, and for Brian in Leogane, for the

encouragement they need right now, however God chooses to provide it.
Please pray for an opportunity for ministry for Jamie as she is looking for an open door.
Please pray for me that God will provide land in a timely manner for my new house down

here. I still don’t know where it will be, but He has provided the funds, so now I must

trust that He will provide the location as well.

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