29Apr11 – MIA Airport

Can’t sleep, so you get a random thought from the night.

I’m sleeping in the floor of the chapel at MIA airport.
So is my new Dutch friend, who also came up here as a place to


So here’s the first thought.
While it is sad that the chapel is so completely unused that it

is becoming known as a good quiet place to sleep, at least it is

still a place of refuge.

The security guard just woke me up. Just cause he was checking

in, so no big deal.
He said we’re fine to stay here.
So my thought is, since I’m outside of security and in a public

building, what if I was homeless, could I come back here every


Random, I know. Just a thought.

In somewhat related news…
is your church a place of refuge to a weary soul?
is it a place that a homeless man (or woman) could seek shelter?

this was once a goal at Crucified Ministries. Hopefully we get to

that point soon, cause I am reaffirming in my mind that this a an

integral part to having a facilty that is God’s house.

Also, please read the “I’m an Idiot” post below. It is less random, and much more important. 🙂

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