Lesson learned. Our generator cannot replace EDH power. lol.
Tried to turn the generator on when I was still tied in to EDH. This is a temporary solution. Tomorrow will be the final one.
For now, everything works with EDH disconnected. Fine by me since it hasn’t worked since Friday anyhow.
Last night we ran out of juice in the batteries around 7pm. Made for an early night.

Today’s project was moving the generator and getting it hooked up to the house.
Took a trip to the hardware store, but got it done now. By the way, the generator is about 1500 lbs. It was quite a project. Glad I brought Jude and Smiley back from Cayes with me or I would have been in trouble.

Unfortunately, I was too late getting the generator hooked up for most of the things in the fridge. While I was on my trip to Cayes, most things in there went bad, except for the things that don’t belong in the fridge anyhow, like coffee, and granola, and other stuff that someone left for me. 🙂

Tomorrow we will actually hook things up in their permanent structure.
1/3 of the circuits will run off of the inverter and always be on.
2/3 of the circuits will run only off of EDH or generator with a big switch to choose.
Could mean some rewiring to make sure my 4 circuits that are always on are the fridges, lights, and most of the receptacles.
The other circuits will be the washer, dryer, air conditioners, water pump, etc.
Also will finally replace the water pump switch tomorrow. Looking forward to that since it is a hazard all by itself.

Random thought:
My new favorite drink down here is Tampico Juice, a blend of pineapple, orange, and banana flavors. Better for me than the Coke I usually drink. Also keeps me from running out of Propel packets in the first week. And at 59 HTG (~US$1.49) per 1/2 Gallon, not too bad on the pockets either.

God Bless.

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