So, I’m still in Grand Goave. License plate is still not available for my truck. Still hope to have one on Wednesday, but that is up in the air still. I need to get to Jacmel, but I have no idea when that will happen.

To keep every up to date, there is a tropical storm that is possibly coming our direction on wednesday night/thursday morning.
Nothing to worry about, should be 40 mph wind and rain, so maybe some flash flooding. Not a big deal though, I’ve been through some good storms here in Grand Goave before. Or else I’ll be in Jacmel, and have a good facility there.
Either way, shouldn’t be any troubles for me. I’ll be at a sturdy facility with no flooding issues. Keep the rest of Haiti in your prayers though, cause people living in tents will have issues as a result.

Anyhow, life has been going well here though. Been working on quite a few projects with Hands and Feet and Mission of Hop International this week. Building projects in St. Etienne at Pastor Hakine’s church. Also working with Andrew and Angie Sutton to try and get the kids moved into their new home in Grand Goave for Hands and Feet.

Had some interesting reflections though.
Primarily, thinking about sharing, and what it means to have enough.
Here in Haiti, if there are 3 kids sitting in an area, and I give one my leftover half a bottle of Coke, it will be shared among them with no problems.
This just puts some things in perspective for me. Too many times I say I have nothing to give, when in reality, I still have a little bit. A half-bottle of Coke is still plenty to share.
Another example is kids that come up to the fence at the beach property. They ask for food, and are thankful when I give them a piece of bread. On the other hand, Pooch, one of the dogs, will not eat bread and waits for the chicken bones. Those in need are thankful for what they get.
Let’s be thankful for the manna that God provides and not complain that it is not our preferred food.

On a wishful note:
-I want to stock my truck with rice from Kids against Hunger. They have family sized portions of nutrient enriched rice. I have no idea what the cost would be, but it should be reasonable. Anyone want to help me stock the truck with some, so I can always provide when a kid says “Mwen Grangou” (I’m hungry).

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