So, I had another awesome day.
Kinda hard to believe how sweet things can be, though I feel like it is more that God is allowing

me joy as I reflect on His greatness.

For work today, I helped Gayly finish up the house that our Crucified team helped CIDM start when

they were here a couple months back.
There is now a woman with 6-7 adorable kids that will be living in a 3 room house and are

absolutely stoked about it. They’ve been in tents for 2 years now, and were completely blown away

that their house has a toilet, even if they have to dump a bucket in it to flush.

Then, I got called by Nick Mangine to come hang out, bascially cause he knew he’s supposed to stay

off his feet (some sort of infection thing), so he wanted company.
Turned out that I got some good barbecue, and played a fun game of Ticket to Ride with Nick and

Gwenn. Plus, we capped it off with an awesome discussion about faith, missions, and all sorts of

other topics.
I must say that two things I want to point out with Nick and Gwenn.
(1) They are committed. They came here to raise these kids (all 12 of them), and are not even

allowing the thought of leaving. That is awesome. It is difficult, and I’m sure at times part of

them would love to cut and run, but they know that is not what they are called here for.
(2) They are honest. Before I was hanging out with them, there was still a part of me that would

clean up my thoughts for my blog posts, that would hold back some of the ugly sides of things.
But the truth is that life isn’t all happiness, sunshine, and daisies. The truth is that many

times, life is brutally difficult, unfair, and just downright not fun. If we ignore this side of

the story that God is putting us through, we ignore many of the best cases of how God has provided

for our lives.

So, it was great talking with them. They are awesome.

Also, while I forgot to go back and pick it up, I got to put a load of laundry in the wash at the

Alabama House (Tommy and Joy’s place), and will get it tomorrow. This is important since I trimmed

down my wardrobe significantly down here. To be honest, I thought I had enough clothes to last

about 2 weeks without wash, it turns out it’s only one. I forgot that it is summer. 1 set of

clothes doesn’t last a whole day in many cases.

And, I was at the Alabama house to test drive a motorcycle. It’s a Jailing that one of their

haitian pastors is selling. Gayly took a look at it with me, and took it for a ride (since I don’t

currently know how to drive one.) It seems to be in great condition.
I’m probably going to buy it. It’s a 125cc, which for here is a big bike, lol.
And the pastor is asking for $700 for a bike that was about $1200 new. I may try to negotiate with

him a bit, but either way, it’s a good investment.

Now, however, despite it being a great day when I look back at it, there is something unsettled in

my mind, and I don’t know what it is. So, please pray with me as I figure it out.
I am aware that I will likely just always be unsettled in this life. It is part of what God is

teaching me.
With another George Mueller quote, “”The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials.

I have learned my faith by standing firm amid severe testings.”

Bring on the trials, so that my faith may increase, so that His Glory will increase.

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