Wow, it’s May already. Kinda crazy.

To catch up, I’m now back in Haiti. I’m at the Hands at Feet Children’s Village in Jacmel, Haiti. Down here I’m working on a project with Ray Peterson, from Winthrop, Washington, installing a new power unit called a Brayden Energy Sentry.

It’s a pretty cool device that will put relays (electrically controlled switches) in line with the circuit breakers in our panel box. Then, it will monitor our total power usage and turn on and off breakers to make sure we stay below a “peak” amount of power.
In Haiti, this is most useful to make it possible to size a generator for a facility based on average demand, which is typically much smaller than the peak demand.
In the U.S., this is beneficial for similar reasons, as a reduction is peak demand will result in lower electrical bills.
The lower bills are due to the fact that the power company, as with our generator here, must be able to keep up with the peak demand, so the only way to save them cost is to reduce the peak

The only downside to my current situation is that all of my tools
are either in Les Cayes, Haiti (where I ended last trip), or in the U.S. in my truck waiting to come down here. At the least, though, I brought in my basic tools (hammer, lineman pliers, knife, and tape measure), so I’m not completely worthless here.


Future adventures will include:
May 9-12: working with Jeff Swope in Williamson, Haiti to install more solar panels for their orphanage
May 12-16: likely staying in PAP at the HAF house to take care of odd jobs there while I wait for a ride to Grand Goave
May 16th: A return to Grand Goave, where I will work on various projects and (hopefully) catch a ride out to Les Cayes to gather up my tools that I left out there.
Also, I hope to get my truck shipped down while I am in Grand Goave.

Additionally, I will be talking with Madam Bonite about installing more solar panels for her facility, which I hope to ship in with my truck.

Prayer Requests:
-For me, that I can be productive and content here. This was kind of a rushed trip back, so the transition has not been as smooth as previous trips.
-For those in Alabama and all over where tornados have been ripping apart communities.
-For the team getting ready to leave PA to assist in Alabama.
-For our military, as the news of Bin Laden will undoubtedly bring some sort of retaliation.

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