So much exciting news right now 🙂

The land is progressing nicely. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.
We have a new gate on the front wall, and have started storing stuff inside the container.
I would post a picture today, but we hadn’t cut the grass/weeds in a while, and I am waiting for that to finish first.

Also, Jamie’s parents are visiting us right now from Africa.
This is very exciting, as we really weren’t sure if/when they would ever be able to make it here. They are missionaries, and have been working in Kenya and Uganda for 35+ years. This past February, for Pertti (Jamie’s dad)’s 60th birthday, his family and friends suprised him with a trip to Miami for a few weeks, including a 10 day stint here in Haiti with us. We are so excited to welcome them here with us, and it has been crazy finally getting the house to a point that we can say we truly have a guest room. We had a lot of cleaning, organizing, and moving tools to get my “depot” cleaned out. Now, all the tools are in the container, and we are open for visitors in the future (hint to mom and dad, and josh and lindsey 🙂

And finally, the news you’ve all been waiting for, is that the truck is out of customs. 🙂
Pastor Lex got it out today, and we will be going to Grand Goave to pick it up tomorrow.
Again, pictures will be coming, but we are really excited to have this chance, and I can’t wait to open it up and start getting things set up here.

Many Blessings,

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