Thoughts from a great week with the parents.

(1) My ministry makes a lot more sense as to why I’m here when you see my parents step in and work alongside me. It just comes natural to all of us to see a need and work towards fixing it.

(2) A lot of driving wears all of us out. We spent 1 night in PAP, 2 nights in Les Cayes, 2 nights at Hands and Feet (Grand Goave), 2 nights in Jacmel, then 2 nights at Mission of Hope (Grand Goave). It’s been great, but exhausting.

(3) Everyone wants to hook me up with a wife. It seems everywhere I go, someone is trying to find me a wife. Most recent occurance (and most blatantly obvious) is with my new friend Joy. She is married, and has done a whole lot of missions work, and when she realized i was single and 26, she started going through a list of questions like a eHarmony profile trying to figure out who to set me up with. I just thought it was pretty funny.

(4) Diplomacy also seems to be an important part of my ministry. I really don’t like the role, but getting haitians to get along can be tricky when there are issues of power and respect.

(5) I am tired and there are more thoughts to come later. 🙂
-The realization that the choice of service overrides any feelings of disrespect or lack of gratitude from those you serve.
-Our safety is in God, no matter what the circumstances.
-Fellowship with brothers and sisters in the Lord is so very important, especially with those in similar situations.

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