Hoping we don’t get too much rain tonight, only cause I will be upset that we just got water delivered. It was scheduled before I knew we were going to get the rain collection done today. Turned out to not be that big of a project. One day and we were good to go. Thankfully there is a small “hardware store” right around the corner that has some PVC and fittings for when we needed.

Oh well, we were low enough on water that I am still glad to have the cistern filled just in case, especially at 2000HTG, or about $50. So, not that big of a deal.

Jude cooked lunch today, he was the last of us to make a meal. Conclusion, we’re all still guys, we can cook well enought to by, but none of us are gourmet chefs. Lots of spaghetti, both american and haitian style, plus lots of rice for the other meals.

Tomorrow we will take off from work projects. We’ll just clean up, and wash the car. Monday I will drop Jude and Smiley at the bus station to head back to Les Cayes. I will be sad to see them go, but Smiley has school starting on Oct 4th.

I’m also pretty excited to get some more tools to work with when Rick Jacoby comes in on the 4th. I’ll meet him at the airport and he agreed to bring in a suitcase that my parents are packing today for me.

I’m realizing that T.V. is a major distraction here. Almost got to the point of flipping off the circuit breakers and claiming we were out of power a couple times, except we needed to run the drill for our projects, so that couldn’t work. lol.
We were still making progress though, and it’s been good to have at night, cause once power goes out, it can be pretty boring around here.
Tonight we’ll go spend some time worshipping together when I use the guitar up at Child Hope, hopefully Scotti and some of them will join us as well.

Found out today that I might have four visitors next week, and that would be awesome. Conklin may join Josh, Sean, and Rullo coming down here.
Don’t know much of the schedule, but I do know it will include a trip to Cayes to return tools and visit Smiley and Jude. Plus we will likely stop in Grand Goave on the way.
Our big project will be the bunk beds for that week, and rebuilding the cabinets/countertop and installing the sink in the basement if I don’t have it done by then.
Have thought about putting in conduit for the elcetrical work. That may happen this week, or maybe next week.
At some point, the dryer needs installed, but I have been line drying everything. Angelo at Child Hope said it probably requires a propane conversion kit, and I know little about that, so I will let someone who has done it before take care of it.

Monday I will likely wire up the A/C units once I get some more wire. Seems to be an undending battle of getting more parts, only to discover that I need something else from the store. Granted, I’m sure dad can relate, he always seems to be stuck making all the hardware runs at a typical work project.

Thanks for keeping up with stuff on here. Always good to hear that people are paying attention to what’s going on. This week could be a little trying. It will be back to just Yves and I at the house, and he isn’t real talktative at times.

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