Crazy how fast time seems to be going this trip.
Been getting a lot of good stuff done though.

Quick Recap:
-Electrical Meters installed at Destiny Village (St. Marc)
-Fixed Solar Power System that was shutdown by a lightning storm for Mercy and Sharing Orphanage (Williamson)
-Visited another orphanage for a site evaluation in Williamson
-Installed Batteries and Inverter at Mission of Hope Guest House

This weekend was sweet too, cause I got to hike up in St. Etienne, visit with HAF-Jacmel and catch up with Stacie, Cameron, Cameron, and Tamara there, and hang out with the new team from California staying at HAF-Grand Goave.

I have lots more stories, but will have to get to them later cause I don’t get ther internet very often. I’m gonna have to go back to writing them offline and posting them later.

God Bless.

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