30 May 11

I’ve been hanging out in Delmas for the last 2 days, at the Hands and Feet house. Today I’ll head back to Grand Goave for another 2 days cause I’ve got nothing going on up here right now.

Did have a productive time though. Met with Inga Swope from 3 Seams clothing. (www.3seams.com). She is moving production of her sundresses and accesories to Delmas 75 to boost employment. Her dresses already get sold as “buy one, give one” like Tom’s shoes, with the donated dresses going to girls in Cite Soleil last time, and likely up in the mountains near Kenscoff this time.
I got to discuss power solutions with her for her seamstress facility. We were thinking solar, but the overall cost will likely be too much, so it will be a grid-charged battery system with a backup generator.
Irons take up a whole lot of an energy budget for this facility.

In rather exciting news, my truck should make it to the docks in Miami tomorrow thanks to my parents.

As a tied in prayer request. Pray that things work out that I can get solar panels put on the truck. I was unable to order them until I knew when the truck was going, and now that it is memorial day weekend, it may be difficult to get them. So pray that it all works out right. 🙂

God Bless.

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