30May12 – Part 2

Had some good discussions tonight.
Also, got back a new quote for solar materials.

I had received a quote for Solar Panels and 2 charge controllers from an outfit in

California, but after some comparative shopping, I got a new quote for more panels at the

same price from a group in Florida.
Now, I’m looking at getting things for $1/Watt. Pretty excited about that.

Now, I just have to get the details of shipping worked out, but I think that will be

straightforward. I have all my contacts in place, I just have to get the communication done

with it. Please pray for things to go relatively smoothly there.

I’m back in Jacmel now, and I am still looking for land to put my containers on.
A couple different organizations are proposing the idea to their boards for me.
Otherwise, I will have to lease and/or buy land, which is not completely unheard of.

I think I found a way to transport the containers tonight.
And I got some valuable advice on how to put on the tin roof to reduce the overall interior

temperature of the containers.

Overall, a rather productive day.
And, I may have a lead on a Jailing 125cc motorcycle. It is used, but looks new and is in

great condition. Might be worth picking up now, even though I was figuring that a bike

would be further down the road.

Tonight, I am staying at the guest house for Children’s Hope. Tommy, Joy, and Charley are

wonderful people and they are spoiling me. God provided once again, as I wasn’t actually

sure where I was going to sleep tonight.

God is good.

And, I found out that I can both call and receive calls from Uganda. We’ll call that a huge

win as well.

At the Bible study tonight, we were talking about forgiveness, and I was realizing that

once again, we complicate things at times.
We were talking about why we should forgive, but my mind kept thinking that we were making

it too hard.
We forgive because we are called to forgive.
God said forgive, so we must forgive if we are faithful.

Again, I’m not trying to be radical, I am simply trying to live out what I have professed.
It blows me away sometimes how much I have missed in my past trying to overthink things.

Again, wish list:
-Burners from electric stoves (12 of them maybe?)
-my eno hammock from in my room in johnstown
-legos….2×4, 1×4, and 1×2 type blocks, plus some of the “plywood” panel types.
-permetherine (if possible)

update: I epoxied my glasses back together today, so I am at least not wearing safety

glasses anymore. new glasses have been ordered and should be coming down with Cherith soon.

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