Productive morning today.
Just stopped for lunch at 2. Been good though.
The guys from Valerio Canez came by to install the A/C units today. They got the interior pieces mounted today, and will be back with a bigger ladder to install the exterior potion tomorrow. Then, I will have to wire up circuits for each of them, probably their own 20A circuits each unless an electrian (cough, cough, Bruce or Tim) tells me otherwise. Seems like the best idea to do it that way though. They are 18,000 BTU units if I remember right. Probably worth putting the seperate circuits as recommended by the installer.
Took advantage of the EDH power being out and put in a new service disconnect switch. At least there’s one good thing about power being out. 🙂
Also got the Generator/EDH switch installed, and the inverter moved to it’s permanent location. The battery rack will be built by Yves later this week. Probably will get the materials tomorrow.
Working on figuring out the new circuit layout. 12 Circuit panel with 3 lugs to split the power. I will run the inverter on 1 lug, just for the fridgerators, lights, and receptacles probably. Then I will use one of the lugs for the A/C units (3 total since 1 is already in the master bedroom).
How bad is it to have unbalanaced loads on the two legs of the generator? I have no idea. And I have no idea how to estimate usage since the fridge is non-continuous, and the batteries have the potential to draw 4kWatts or better when charging. I want to run all of that off of 1 leg, and run the AC units and other non-essentials on the other leg.

Sorry for all the technical jargon, I just know some people read this that would care and may have input, so I will seek it out.

In other news, we had the cleaning lady make us lunch today as well. Good kreyol food, chicken and rice and beans. Might have to do that more often. She has 4 kids and lives in a tent, so it is good to help her by hiring her. Two of her kids come to the house, a baby and a 3 year old. They are adorable. Smiley, Jude, and Yves love playing with them.

Please pray for:
-Candance Gordon – her YWAM DTS has now begun, but she still needs more funding, so pray that God will provide as she has already taken the step of flying out.
-Tim Mullen and family – Tim lost his dad this week to cancer.
-My ability to persevere. This has been amazing so far, just pray that I can continue to run the race set before me with passion and compassion for those around.

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