“I got my toes in the water…”

It’s a good day over here. Wish I could have accomplished more, but steps are being taken in the proper direction.

I got tools to work on some things around the beach property once we kick the generator on. Nothing major, just hanging toilet paper holders, towel racks, etc. but they are nice touches when finished.

I also pulled out another set of solar panels, the 45W system from Harbor Frieght to charge up a battery for the bathroom tonight. It’ll be a nice change to have some lights in there.
I need to find a good mounting system for these things, but that will have to wait a bit. I don’t have a good way onto the roof right now either. lol.

Tomorrow I will head to Jacmel with Drex, most likely. Although, I have more freedom since the registration for the Montero should be done today. Pastor Lex offered to take care of it for me, and I jumped at that offer. Anytime I can have a haitian deal with the government for me, I will let them.

I have more things I want to do here in Grand Goave, but I really need to sit down and talk to Ken about things as well to make sure I don’t annoy them with all this travel. My schedule can be rather unpredictable down here, if you haven’t figured that out yet.

For those keeping track, my newest schedule of events will be as follows:
-1Feb11: Head to Jacmel, get more tools, meet with Ken, firm up my schedule with him
-2Feb11: Head back to Gr Goave to work on getting solar power up, and help finish up unfinished things at the guest house.
-5Feb11: Head to PAP to pick up Bob and take to Les Cayes
-6Feb11: Head back to PAP to drop Bob back off
-7Feb11: Back to Jacmel to work on any projects down there
-15Feb11: Head to PAP to pick up Tim Muzzie, then up to St. Marc area to rendevous with Jeff Swope and look into his solar installation
-17Feb11: Back to Jacmel, work up an estimatation of power consumption at the orphanage with Tim
-through 15Mar11: Work in Jacmel unless something else comes up.

I don’t really have a significant spiritual insight to share today, so sorry about that 🙂

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