Another day in Grand Goave.
Work is going slow, but tomorrow I should have the first of the solar panels up and in place. Been a three day project, much longer than it should have been, but, these panels should be secure from winds, properly ventilated, and secure from theft. Though I make no guarantees, cause I had to resort to rigging things instead of having the right tools and materials.

Had an interesting conversation last night with one of the other guests here. She is an environmentalist, and we were talking about conversation, power, and of course, politics.
Anyhow, I was expressing my views about politics, so I will relate that to you now as well.

I consider myself as non-political. I don’t really care a whole lot about politics. That is not to say that I’m apathetic, this is to say that I choose not to participate.
I have realized that the most explosive time of expansion for the body of Christ was under the Roman rule. The expansion of the name of Christ does not need to be, and I would argue, should not be a factor in politics. I think more often than not, people end up hurting the cause of Christ through being overly political, to the point that common consensus winds up as “a christian must be a conservative, anti-gay marraige, pro-life, republican”
I prefer to work towards these problems individually, rather than through policy.
I don’t care is the law allows abortions, or same sex marraige, even though I do not think they are right. I think the church needs to reach out to individuals with the name of Christ, and He will take care of these issues.
Instituting moral rules on people who do not have a reason to follow them ends up just being legalistic. If we are to change the world, it will be simply because we have shown Christ to people, and He has changed people, with the effect rippling throughout the world.

This could be the most exciting comment section I’ve ever seen, since it is the oddest topic I’ve covered, so I’m kinda looking fowards to seeing the result.

God Bless,

Prayer Requests:
-Emi Pierce – Emi has a ministry in Jacmel of visiting the hospital and hospice in town to look after and spend time with patients who do not have families. This includes simple visitation, bringing food (hospitals do not supply it here), getting a perscription filled (again, not hospital supplied), administering a perscription, cleaning bedpans, or whatever is needed to look after some of these patients. Also, since some of the patients are in hospice, she has had to deal with death a lot. She is very strong, and understands the nature of things, but please pray for her as she continues this ministry to stay strong and be comforted as she has comforted others through the darker times.

Wish List:
-#2 Coarse Thread Drywall Screws – 3″ or 3 1/2″, prob 5 pounds or more
-angle grinder blades.
-diesel truck 🙂

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