So, I haven’t accomplished much so far.
Therefore, I haven’t written much.

But that’s not really fair, or even a good idea. Work has been slow picking up for me since my tools are scattered in Les Cayes and in my truck in the states. However, I am getting to build relationships with the kids at Hands and Feet-Jacmel, plus starting to work on some big projects that I am merely an assistant on.
One is the load-shedding system donated from Brayden automation.
The other is the new playground for the kids here.
So, I have work to stay busy and keep moving forward with ministry, it is just no what I’m used to.

However, God did present an opportunity to be a blessing to another group down here. A team of students from Minnesota had come in to install a tilapia farm/garden system (aquaphonics style), and was having issues with their power. I wasn’t able to help them directly without materials here, but I was at least able to point them to what I think will be the next step, a power conditioner, and they were very thankful.
Now I’ve been able to talk to the group from Akron that is coming in a couple weeks and they will bring in the power conditioner since the Minnesota team couldn’t get one in country and was leaving for the states already.

Additionally, this is a good time for training for me. I am reading through a Photovoltaics textbook, brushing up on my Kreyol, and reading through the book “Radical” by David Platt.
I could easily post every day with multiple quotes from that book, but I would just encourage each of you to pick it up and read it yourself.

For some, this book, like “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan, would be “life-changing.” For me, it was simply an affirmation that what I am doing isn’t absurd in light of the truth found in the Gospel. The Truth that all that matters in our life is our faith in God, and we MUST do something about that. If we have faith, we really have no choice but to respond in some way with our lives.

I will post more about what I am learning as time goes on.

For those of you interested in needs that can be prayed for, here is what I know. I am also emailing this list to my dad to pack for my truck, but he will not be doing anything with it until he gets back to Johnstown next Monday.

Things I would like to pack in the truck:
Carpet Razor Blades (Great for Zip Ties)
Welding Blanket (1 should be fine)
Ryobi Miter (Chop) Saw and 2-3 extra blades [Dad already has this]
Ryobi 18V Batt Charger and Spare Battery
3/8″ Concrete Anchors – 3″ Long, need 6 at least, would be great to have about 30
Bright Paint – Orange Preferable, for marking tools, [spray is ok, but a can that is brush on would be even better]
Plug to mate with 240VAC outlet on back of truck
Common Routing Bits to go with the Router in my truck
Spade Shovels
Flat Shovels
Picks for Digging down here
Table Saw and a couple spare blades
Data Logger (already ordered from Dataq)
2 – DSO Handheld Oscilloscopes (need to order from Sparkfun, haven’t yet)

Price Comparisons: (If significantly cheaper in U.S., then it would be great to put some in the truck)
Rustoleum Primer – $32
GFCI Receptacles – $22
Crimp Lugs for #2/0 Wire – $2.70 each [check harvey’s supply or hite]
#2/0 Battery Cable – $6/ft [need probably 50-60 ft]
Ground Rod, 5/8″, 8ft – $16 [need 2]

For Car: (1999 Chevy 3500, 5.7L)
-Upgrade to Washable Air Filter
-Is a Brake upgrade possible? I have a lot of mountains I travel on…
-Check into adding AC unit, currently none built onto engine
-Repair roof mount AC unit?
-Ship extra parts:
-Oil Filters
-Fuel Filters
-Brake Pads
-Spare Wheel/Tire?
-Code reader for Check Engine Light
-Repair Manual (Haynes/Chilton/whatever, someone want to check into this for me?)
-Hitch + Common Size Balls

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