Time to share some answered prayers 🙂

This past Monday, we finally got a container placed on the land. I made this collage to show a bit of how it got there, hope you enjoy.

Again, I must say many thanks to Children’s Hope for the donation of the container.

It has the doors and windows cut in it from where they used to use it as a kitchen. I like the paint job though, so we’ll keep that as well.

Then, I immediately talked to Gayly and Waly, and hired them to make doors and windows for the cutout areas. These guys work pretty quick, so today they showed up and installed them. I was surprised (and pleased) that they even put a little canopy above each of them.

Doors and Windows

Next, we will try to put up a temporary roof. I am thinking we will just put a couple tarps up for now.
I have some guys looking at coming in October who are interested in helping with permanent roof trusses, but that is also dependent on getting another container.

Our other jobs for this coming week include:
-fixing our front wall and putting in new concrete pillar and the new gate.
-adding fill to the driveway ramp, as my truck currently can’t make it in.
-maybe putting up the temporary roof
-putting the roof vents in place
-Adding locks to the ends of the container
-clean the inside of the container

After that, we’ll:
-start moving tools into the container
-add fill and a concrete work pad in front of the container
-put up a temporary roof made of tarps

Also, I have to say thank you to Emmanuel Baptist (specifically Peter) for another chance to share what’s going on down here. I sent a powerpoint and audio clip to them for the wild game feast yesterday. It’s always a pleasure to share what God is up to.

Soon, I will upload the powerpoint and audio if you want to see for yourself what I was saying. I just have to figure out how. 🙂

Please keep us in prayer:
-that God would provide another container, if we need one.
-that we would continue to seek Him for every step of the way.
-for Charlie’s children who are sick (Charlie is another missionary down here. His

children are about my age and in the U.S.)
-for the Peter’s family, the orphanage directors at Children’s Hope
-for Tommy and Joy, the guest house directors at Children’s Hope as they get a break in Florida.

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