It’s been a busy week here in Haiti, and now I’m bit under the weather, and our house could use some work, but God is good and has been with us this week.

Last Monday, Gayly, Waly, and I headed north across the mountains to the town of Gressier.
We were expanding and improving a solar power system for the house of a couple missionaries for Brazil, which they also use as a guest house.
They are a very nice couple, who have been in ministry for over 25 years in Brazil, and are now about a year into ministry here in Haiti. I appreciate their work, especially as they are jumping into learning both Kreyol and English simultaneously since they work with Americans at their mission.
We moved their existing solar panels onto a tin roof, and put an additional 6 panels up for them. This about doubled their solar capacity, plus if cleared roof space on their concrete roof to allow them to have a nice outdoor gathering space.

That job took us til Wednesday, then we came home to Jacmel.
Thursday I decided to stay here so I could continue our new small group with Frank Stevens (HAF) and Nick Mangine (JIH).
It’s very encouraging to get to meet with these guys in a way that we can all invest in each other.


On Friday, Gayly, Waly, and I left for Belle Anse.
I’ve talked about working with Reimagine Haiti before, and last time we took a boat to reach them.
This time, I found out why the boat is a good idea. The boat trip takes about an hour and a half.
I drove the newer truck, since I had a bunch of tools and supplies to take out with me, and Gayly and Waly took a couple of dirt bikes.
Over the next 4 hours, I managed to travel 40 miles, climbing up above an altitude of 4000 feet before heading back to sea level. It was beautiful, but exhausting as the whole trip was spent bouncing around extremely rocky roads and picking the best spots to drive across.

But we got there, or at least Gayly and I did. Waly ended up in another town, working on fixing one of the dirt bikes.
But Gayly and I worked with Jason and their new co-worker, Jake to install 4 solar panels, 8 batteries, and all the pieces needed to get power going in their malnutrition center.
This building has never had power since Reimagine Haiti has moved in. The village of Belle Anse has no power grid, and limited, and expensive, gasoline supplies. So, the only power that is common is solar out there.
When we finished, the nannies and children sounded like they were throwing a party for the occasion.
Hopefully, this system will help these malnourished babies to sleep a little more comfortably as they are nursed back to health.


Since Gayly had to go pick up Waly and the broken down dirt bike with the truck, I came home as a passenger on a moto taxi yesterday. Unfortunately, by the time I traveled the 3 hours home, I was thoroughly exhausted, and wasn’t feeling up to going to church.

I was very disappointed because our friend, Chanee, had planned out church, and we would be doing a time of focused prayer. I really wanted to attend and support this, but instead I was stuck praying from home for a bit, before laying back down for a nap.

However, Jamie took a huge step and agreed to lead the music for church when I couldn’t. To me, this was quite encouraging, because I think prayer and worship go hand in hand, and I know that she will lead worship with a spiritual focus, allowing God to use her.
I wasn’t at church, so I can’t say how it went, but I know God was proud that even when she didn’t feel confident in herself, she chose to trust Him.

Please join us in prayer for direction for Church on the Beach, and for Jamie and I individually.

Also pray for unity for the believers here in Jacmel, and throughout Haiti, that we would live lives exemplifying the love of Christ.

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