4Feb11 – PM

Friday Night, 4Feb11

Seems crazy to me how much writing I do down here.
I never write this much.
Then again, I never have this much to say.

Today worked out well.
Jehovah-Jireh for the car situation, for now at least.
I have a car for this weekend, in return for putting two new tires on it for Mission of Hope.
It’s a good deal all around. It’s cheaper than hiring a driver, and all the money goes to help them continue with ministry as they are helping me.

So, the answer to prayer is not what I expected, but it is what I needed. Amazing how that works out. 🙂

I am still looking for a car for a more permanent solution.
I still need to deal with a lack of vehicle for working with Jeff Swope on Feb 10th.

But, now I have time, and I have better ideas.

In progress news, I got the first of the solar panels permanently installed today at the Mission of Hope Guest House.
(9) 15-Watt Panels.
They still need to be connected to batteries and we need to run DC lights off of them, but at least I’m done on the roof.
I was perfectly safe, having used my climbing harness and rope to be constantly tied in. I could have rapelled down if I wanted to, but there were too many windows in the way. 🙂
It was just soo hot up there. Tin roofs have a way of making everything seem so much warmer.

I am still looking forward to getting to Jacmel again. I want to help them out, but they just keep falling into the lowest categories of need. They have a great facility that survived the earthquake just fine.
I will be working with them soon enough though. They would like Tim Muzzie and I to fix some electrical problems. Two tasks I know:
-research and prepare an estimate for recommended generator size
-run a cable to hold suspended building-to-building wire runs

Also, probably would be good to try to balance the load on the two legs of the 220VAC generator to make it happier, cause it was running heavy on one side right now.

Gonna be hard work to track some of this stuff down to change it, but I think we will be up to the challenge.

Wish List:
-couple sets of alligator clips (to clip onto electrical wires)

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