Jehovah-Jirah: The Lord is my provider

No, this does not mean I got a car.

Rather it is my acknowledgment that in all things, He provides.

So, if I need a car, He will provide.

In my mind, I need a car. This weekend, it would be great to have

one, but that is unlikely to happen.
However, God will provide. He always does.

If you are praying for me, please join me in the prayer that God

will provide what I need, when I need it, no matter what that is.
I will strive to stay content with that, even when it is not what

I want to happen.

If you really want to join with me, start a fast today, taking

your normal meal time as a time of prayer.
Your prayer doesn’t need to be anything in particular, just that

God would sustain you, and that you would learn to trust in him

as the provider and sustainer for your life. Then, just spend

time with God however you see fit.
Just remember, a fast is about you and God, it is not about the

lack of food. If you skip a meal, do so intentionally to spend

time with God. Do NOT just work through the meal or you will

likely grow weary. I’ve learned this one the hard way. God does

not desire for us to go hungry, He desires for us to look to Him

for sustainance.

Today I will continue to pray for God to work things out that I

can pick up Bob Wittenbach in PAP tomorrow, and return him to PAP

on Monday.
Monday, I will try again to renew the registration on the other

car, even though I don’t really want to. I want to leave it to be

taken care of by those who caused the paperwork mess, but this is

part of my job too, so I will try to do it.
Thursday I will be trying to work with Jeff Swope on a solar

installation north of PAP. Again, as God provides a vehicle.

For those looking for vehicles for me. I am realizing that a

diesel, while preferred, may not make the most economical sense

for a lower cost vehicle, that is in good condition, since I am

not currently a mechanic. So, I guess that is to say that gas is

also an option, and even 4×4 is not neccesary as long as there is

decent ground clearance.

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