Pretty excited to get my stuff from Rick Jacoby today. It will be sweet to get some more tools, and maybe a pillow. Been using an extra blanket as a pillow so far.

Yesterday was a great day. I spent the afternoon simply relaxing, taking a day of rest. I did wash the car, but that was enjoyable as well. Church service in the morning was amazing. The worship time was great, including “light the fire again” and “salvation” that took me back to the EBC youth days with leif. Then the message was very strong. It was about the way that humans react to laws, including God’s law. Laws, as an external influence with the threat of punishment, inherently do not work to control human nature. We listen to laws, unless there is no one around to stop us. Think about speeding, parking illegally, etc. If not police are around, then why not break the law, there won’t be punishment if the cops are not there.
The israelites acted the same way with the Law. The Law was good, but as soon as the people got over the wonder and amazement of God’s presence, they turned their back on His laws. For example, even Aaron and his sons, who saw God themselves on Mount Sinai, turned their back on God in a short period of time afterwards when his presence was not as visible.
It is amazing then, that God decided to create the new covenant that was based on love, and will change lives from the inside out. As the Spirit takes up a loving residence in a life, that life will be changed. There will be times that we still stray, but the Spirit is ever-present, and He will help us to stay on the right path, or return to it after we have strayed.

In a more frustrating note, why is the only thing in english that I can find on TV the Trinity Broadcasting Network. So I get Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, and occasionally someone who is a prophet who has shared his visions with presidents and world leaders, don’t remember the name.
I know God’s word will not return void, but why can’t I ever find a televangelist that doesn’t irritate me. Perhaps it is just the fact that a pastor should have a relationship with his congregation (in my opinion), so it is hard to expect a lot from an impersonal broadcast. I don’t know, maybe I’m just cynical. I just would appreciate a broadcast from Alistair Begg, Ergun Caner, Rob Turner, etc…

Smiley and Jude are departing today. Smiley will head back to Les Cayes to start school tomorrow. Jude will stay in Port-Au-Prince for a while, visiting some family.

Last night we also watched a haitian made movie. I forget the title, but it was about 2 con artists who pretend to be pastors to steal money from a church/hospital/school in Port-Au-Prince. I was kinda upset about it at first, but it was actually a good movie. The conclusion was that these men were exposed, but in the process of faking being pastors, they actually found God. So after they were exposed and exiled, they came back repentant to the church and seeking forgiveness. The church leaders were hesistant, but finally realized that they are to forgive everyone, despite their sins.
However, there was a small problem with their theology at the end, and I guess it’s not even a “small problem” to me. The real pastors said “we forgive you, but you need to go to bible study daily, and be at the weekly prayer meetings” etc. Forgiveness has no stipulations. We should have a reaction to our repentance, and a desire to change, but it should be from our heart and should be out of love for Christ, not done as an action that is required to earn our forgiveness.

Anyhow, it was a good weekend. Now I’ll get back to work getting things taken care of around here again. Probably going to wire up the A/C units today, clean up the electrical wires I have around. Put a door on the bathroom. That’s todays work probably. Then I’ll figure out the next steps after that.

God Bless,

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