So, it’s been a long time, and I’m sure I’ve got a lot of details to catch up on, but I don’t feel like that at the moment.

Jamie and I got into Haiti a little over a month ago, and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind here.
We’ve had two great trips to other parts of Haiti, out to Les Cayes with Dr. Jay, and up to Port-Au-Prince with Ed and the

group from Global Reach Network (based in Pittsburgh).

We’ve also been rather busy with our house, trying to get it cleaned, arranged, painted, and functional…
So far, it’s coming together well, but my big project will be happening this week as I sort through the guest room/work

room where all my tools will be stored (at least the ones that aren’t on my truck). It’s gonna be a big task, but we’ve

gotten a good start on it already.

Jamie is now part of the facebook page for F1 Missions Engineering, and I will also get her involved with the blog here

when possible. She will have some pictures to share from our trips.

The trip to Les Cayes was a work trip for me, and she was the pharmacist for the clinic all week, and she spent a lot of

time with Ketly, a Haitian-American doctor who was teaching the haitians (and us), some local remedies, including using

charcoal to pull the infection out of a wound. I’ll admit I was skeptical, but after seeing how well it helped to heal up

Dr. Jay’s centipede bite, I was convinced.

The trip to Port-Au-Prince was my third trip to help Claude and his school. On the first trip, I worked with the global

reach team, about 15 months ago, to build the first floor of his school. A few weeks later, mom and dad went to claude’s

with me and we installed lights and electrical for that first floor. And now, after this trip, we can say we are finished

with a 2 story building for his school. It was a great week working with Ed, Scott, and the whole team from Ohio that

joined us. Global Reach hopes to take a trip to work in Jacmel with me (hopefully on my building) next year, so please keep

that in prayer as we seek HIS wisdom for what to do next down here.

It’s also been quite an adjustment to get back into life here in Jacmel.
Apparently I hit the season where just about everyone is out of town. Since we’ve gotten home, Nick and Gwenn, Stephen and

Carrie, Tommy and Joy, Ginny, and Sarah have all been out of country. I look forward to getting the whole gang together

again, but we have had some great times hanging out with each person or couple individually so far.
The women’s bible study seems to be going well, and I look forward to getting involved the in men’s counterpart as soon as

we get people back in country a bit now.

Thank you for your prayers and for your support. Specifically, please pray right now for wisdom as we seek the next step.

Obviously, we’ve been a little short-sighted right now as we have been focused on the trips at hand, and getting the house

setup. Now, we need to start planning for what God would have us do next.
I’ve talked about plenty of ideas that I’ve had, but it’s not about what I want to do. Join me in prayer as I seek what He

would have for us next. God Bless.

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