Happy Birthday to Josh and Jess!

So this past weekend has been interesting. It wasn’t what I planned when I came up to Port-au-Prince, but it has worked out pretty well.
I fixed up a couple things at the HAF house in Delmas, and got to hang out with Drex and Jo, Michelle, Andrew, and Lauren, the newest HAF intern.

Plus, when we went out to eat in Petionville, we ended up meeting some new friends from within walking distance.
Louis Demeo, a church planter and missionary from California was there with a team. Plus they were with a canadian named Andre, who has a guest house in Delmas 75.
The next day, Friday, Andre called me and asked if I could help him out, so I went and installed his inverter and batteries for him at the house they will use as an AIDS orphanage.
Then I got to talk with Andre, Louis, his wife Janey, and some of the team from California for a bit and it’s always encouraging to talk to more missionaries down here.

Anyhow, I’m heading back to Grand Goave today. I’ll porobably stay there until my truck comes.

God Bless.

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