5June12 – Status Update

Guess I should probably update everyone.
I have been sick the last two days, but not dreadfully so. Just some “digestive issues”, but they seem to have mostly passed at this point.
I tend to not take antibiotics and let my body work it out, and I think it now has achieved it’s success.

I was still able to get some work done though.
I’ve been helping to get the solar power system designed with Be Like Brit, helped to fix a caterpillar tractor with the guys from Children’s Hope, and am finalizing the details of ordering the pallet of solar panels for use with Haiti Village Health and many other organizations.
So, that’s the breakdown of what’s been going on.
Since everyone else at the Mangine house (where I am staying) has gone to bed, I’m off to read more of Acts and pray. Maybe a blog post will come later, cause it helps me to process my own thoughts, but maybe not. Guess we’ll both know in a few hours.

God Bless.

Also, Happy Birthday to my brother, Josh!

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