back to jacmel.

it’s been a long couple days, with a lot of traveling, and not a whole lot tangible to show for it. lol.
that’s not to say it was unproductive, it’s just hard to list tangible results in “making contacts” and “hanging meetings”.
Hopefully things will progress into factory development and the like, but for now it is just a lot of meetings.

It was great to meet up with Wayne and Dr. Jay in Les Cayes, and great to visit with Lex, Renee, and everyone in Grand Goave. Wayne actually stayed in Les Cayes to work on the water system as we left, but I had to get back to Jacmel already.

I also picked up some solar panels to test with the Jacmel. Looking forward to learning more about how to use these things. 🙂

I’m also still looking for a truck, and I’ll have some requests of electronics to bring in from the U.S.
I’ll need a charge controller for these panels, and maybe some of the monitoring equipment that I’ve learned about this past week.

God Bless.

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