So, now I update to some of the points I mentioned before.

First, the story of learning about the humilty of serving.
While Mom and Dad were here, we did a lot of work, from small odd jobs to major rewiring and welding projects. On one of the jobs, we were working very hard to finish before dark. We had taken the current jobs upon ourselves after seeing the need at that facility. However, as we were finishing up and getting ready for dinner, some of the actions of the residents of the house seemed ungrateful, or at least disconnected. Instead of offering to help, they were busy with things that in comparison seemed trivial in our minds. As such, frustration started mounting.
It was in this time, however, that I was reminded of the true purpose of service. I was not there to garner praise from the individual I was serving. I was there to serve Christ. If my reward was to be the stroking of my ego, all my works would be like filthy rags. Instead, I needed to focus on Christ, the purpose of my work, and not on the immediate gratitude from the individuals receiving this blessing of service.
By volunteering to serve, I was placing myself into a role of humility. Why then, did I find myself fighting with arrogance, thinking they owed me something because I served them?
It has been an important lesson to learn, but I keep having to have the lesson repeated.

Now, I would update the other stories, but can’t because I don’t remember exactly what they are right now. So I’ll do that later.

Instead, I’ll expand on some other thoughts from right now.
First, please be praying for my friends down here. In Jacmel, two different couples have been robbed recently, and the emotional toll is very difficult. Please pray that they will be able to regain the peace they have in Christ.

Second, please pray for me, as I work on plans for the new year. With each passing day, I am seeing myself more entrenched here, and I am very glad to say that. However, that will also likely mean I need to find a “residence” per se. I have “homes” with Hands and Feet, the Pierce’s, and especially Mission of Hope International, but I am going to need a workspace/garage to use soon.
Most likely, this will be a structure I put on someone else’s land. I have a vision in my head right now, but I don’t know where the spot will be. I would like somewhere that is relatively easy to access from the road, relatively central to all my work (so grand goave/petit goave general area cause of the balance between St. Marc, Jacmel, and Les Cayes), and secure.
I may be looking at trying to build a structure by January or February if a location is found. All my hosts have been extremely gracious, and I will still work closely with them, but I need to have a workspace to keep setup for my work nearly continuously.

Third, I am excited to share that I am sort of helping to plant a church in Jacmel as well. The Pierce’s are the true planters, but I helped with worship last week, and will be returning in that capacity again this coming sunday. It is great to have this group of missionaries to share fellowship with. We can relate to each other and to God in such a special way, and I am excited to see where this can go.

Finally, it is time to put out pleas for help:
– 1 – Recent conversations with other missionaries have confirmed in my mind that a “craigslist” for missionaries here would be great. If you, or a friend of yours, would know how to create a craigslist type page, I would love to work out the details with you. It would be a huge help to us here. Btw, we want to call it “kwegslist” (as a haitian would pronounce it).
Special tags to Joe Eisentrager, Silas Gibbs, Jason Price

– 2 – I find myself in need of some items. If you have anything available to donate, it would be awesome.
My combat boots are dying quickly. I wear a 9.5, but could use a 10 as well. If you know where to find some, please tell me.
My flip-flops have also died. Sure, they were donated to me from a short term missions group, but it causes a problem for me. If anyone would want to be awesome, I’d love a decent pair of sandals. Not being picky, but something better than a walmart pair would be sweet. I always liked reefs, but other people have shown me other brands that are sweet too, like locals. Anything would be awesome.
And, on that trend, my hiking boots have died. They lived a good life, and I’m sure I will get more through Ski Den, but my Merrels are gone now. This one I’m not really looking for donated boots, cause I’ll order some through Ski Den, I just figured I’d highlight how brutal Haiti has been on my footwear.

Also, plastic junction and/or single gang boxes (new construction or remodel boxes) would be great.
And, spices to share with other missionaries down here.

– 3 – I got distracted and didn’t finish.
Now I’m off to church for today (Sunday, 6Nov11).

God Bless.

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