5Oct10- Part 2

Random Thought #1:
-Haitian-Style Arnold Palmer is a win. Thank you, Kim, for the packets of lemonade and iced tea mix. 🙂

Random Thought #2:
-Yves doesn’t know his way around Patien-Ville. It all worked out though.

Random Thought #3:
-Finally picked an internet provider today, except Hainet is out of modem units until January. I can still sign up for a plan if I want, although I would have no way to access it without the modem. Welcome to Haiti!
-To finish that thought, we will likely be using AccessHaiti instead of Hainet or Hughes Net (too expensive for installation). So, maybe I’ll get that working this week.

Got the bathroom door cut to size today. Would’ve hung it, but it was too heavy to mess with myself. Maybe Yves and I will hang it tomorrow. If not, I’ll get it up on Friday cause Maggie and Tiff are coming to visit, so that would be a good things to have.
Also discovered a leak in the plumbing today. Unforunately, I turned off the water at aobut 10am and it’s still leaking at 7pm. So, I’ll have to wait until morning and hope the water has cleared out of the system to try to fix the problem. It will be tough to fix if caulk doesn’t work, hopefully the easy fix will work though.
Lines are run for the A/C units, just waiting on a ladder. The install crew is coming on Saturday, maybe?

Tried to go to the hospital with Yves today. Sadly, we got there after visiting hours. We will try again another day.

Also, waited til now to mention it to keep mom from worrying, but have been fasting the past two days. Incredible experience. Highly recommend it to anyone reading.
The whole goal was to expand my faith in God as provider and sustainer for my life. Therefore, I was replacing eating with prayer, do not forget that if you decide to fast. It is not simply skipping meals, it is about growing closer to God and trusting Him to sustain you. I honestly didn’t want to mention it, but God has been teaching me a lot, so I figured I would share with you guys.
Please consider fasting sometime yourself as well. It is a great time of growth.
One of the biggest things I learned in this time is that I need to pay more attention to people around here. I can be too task oriented and fixed on the list I have to accomplish, but doing can keep me from showing God’s love and compassion to people at times, like going to the hospital with Yves. It was great timing from God to give me some ideas in my dreams that I need to focus more on people, then Yves asked about going to the hospital in the morning. Sweet to think about that.
Also, have been reading through Ezekiel. Don’t know why, just started that one. God was pretty upset with Israel at that point. They had turned their back so many times on Him, He had every reason to be angry, but even through His anger, He was keeping a bigger plan.
He led Israel to exile, but also laid plans to restablish Jerusalem later. And in a larger span of time, God even orchestrated Israel’s re-establishment of a nation in more recent times.He still has plans for Israel as they are His people.
It is comforting to realize that this example also holds for those of us who are his disciples. No matter how far we stray, He has promised to not let us out of his hands. Obviously, God is not happy when we sin, but He is faithful as He has always been. He will never let us go. This will not mean there are no consequences, if He follows His pattern, God can put pretty harsh punishments on people that claim His Name and turn their back on Him, but it is good to know that He is faithful even when his children are not.

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