Good news!
Kwegslist is just about ready to go.
Bad News!
If you hadn’t noticed, we acidentally messed up the website in the process.
Sorry about that, but it should be back up and happy now.

It seems to have been a while since I posted. Best I can recall it’s probably been a week or more.

Anyhow, I was working up in Grand Goave with MOHI (www.mohintl.org). The foundation to their new school/church is coming along nicely. I am now working on details for their electrical plans. Since electrical design for a construction project is new to me, I will be enlisting help from others with more experience. Probably first ring is to Caleb Kuzman, an electrical engineer from Akron whom I have worked with here at MOHI, so we will see how that goes.

Now I’m back in Jacmel, again. I love it down here. This is my crew.
I am being the security guard for Tamara and Amber of SurfHaiti and HaitiBaby while Dr. Ken is out of town. It’s a rough life living on the beach with these two awesome girls.
Church was great last night. Sister Bonite joined us, as did some new guys from Calvary Chapel Haiti Initiative. Please continue to pray for those touched by the robberies in the fall. The emotional toll is much more detrimental than the loss of any possesions through those incidents.
Specifically, pray for the Brown family, the Mangine family, the Whittaker family, and the Mulligan family, as well as the interns from Hands and Feet that were there for the robbery.

On that note, the robbers seem to have gotten caught. It has been quiet for over a month, after the cops arrested a group of guys in the middle of a robbery, who also had possesion of many stolen goods.

On a less fun note, Sister Bonite’s inverter died. I would like to try to fix it, but do not have a facility to do so right now. So, she will be getting a new one for now, and hers will be used as a backup if and when it is repaired.
Happily, the new inverter I am going to install is a brand called Prostar, and is $200 cheaper than the Xantrex modified sine wave inverter, though it is a pure sine wave, with a battery disconnect. Two great upgrades.
I am curious to see durability and performance because it seems like a steal. I would love to get away from using Xantrex equipment if possible, but need to find a reasonably priced replacement first, which now I think I’ve found.

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