Rain, and lots of it.
It’s been coming every day for the past 2 weeks, and it’s making progress slow for everyone. Hands and Feet-Grand Goave and Be Like Brit are trying to work with concrete on their foundations, and the rain is stopping that.

For me, the biggest problem is that rain
interferes with internet service, and prevents me from standing at the one spot I know has good telephone reception here at the beach in Grand Goave. So, contact with the outside world is much more limited.

Today, for me though, had little to do with rain. I spent the day updating some things on this site, including the “How to Help” page, and relocating the donation button.

Then I was working on shirt and bandana
designs the rest of the time.

I haven’t come up with a slogan I like, and that is universally understood. So, some of the shirts will just say F1 Engineering with the Haiti graphic.
Some, by special order only, will have
“Enginerds + Missions FTW!”
I should have them ready for Creation.
Anyone else that wants one just let me
All donations will receive a shirt and/or
bandana if the donor wants it. I don’t want to waste shirts, but if you will wear it and support this ministry I will get it to

Thanks to everyone who does support me.

***Ok, mini-spiritual message for the day***
I almost closed with saying, I couldn’t do this without you. But, that is not a valid
statement. I couldn’t do this without God, you are His tools.

This is not to seem ungrateful, but just an acknowledgement that everything comes through Him. You support me cause God has allowed you the ability to support me. If you are not faithful, He will continue to be and keep me going, but He has blessings in store for those that are faithful to Him.

I can honestly say that I have never felt
more blessed than now; knowing that I have no had a steady income in over 2 years and that God provides. He will always be faithful, so if you feel led to do something for Him, do it.

I have come to realize that He has all
things, including all the money, in the
world. So, I cannot out-give God. If I give away every penny I have for His glory, He will continue to provide for me, at His standard and pace. It’s a little different standard than most are used to, but it’s kept me alive and moving forward for 3 years now.

Anyhow. That is just a little sidenote for
today. I truly appreciate everyone who has been faithful to God in being used to
support this ministry He has brought me to.

God Bless.

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