So, I tried to record some music tonight on my laptop and failed cause of too much background noise cause my fan is on and without it I’ll be covered in sweat
#1stworldproblems meet the #3rdworld

I just thought it was an interesting thing to realize that here I am, blessed to have a computer, a guitar, and a microphone, but sad that I can’t record with it, while sitting in Haiti. It would bother me a lot more back in the states, but here, it’s about par for the course. Plus, I am very much enjoying the fan, even though I know it will cut out part way through the night because the power company turned off power already for some unknown reason, so we are working on batteries right now.

Guess I’ll try recording again tomorrow.
Probably better anyhow, cause even though I’m closed in “my room” at Nick and Gwenn’s house, this place tends to carry sound rather well since it’s all concrete walls and floors.

Sorry to say that most of you will never hear the recordings, I don’t expect much out of them, just trying to lay some tracks to sing with later.

On a completely unrelated note, we had a great bible study tonight.
The original topic was “community” since it is the theme for the month at Church on the Beach.
We talked alot about how community should work, and what we need to get there.

In essence, it boils down to Christ.

The thing that holds relationships together is love.
God is love, so to know love, we must know God.
To show love, we must reflect God.

So, if we want to have a strong community, we need more God.

So then, how do we get more of God?

Spend time in communion with Him.
Prayer, Bible Study, and intentionally seeking Him.

To be honest, our discussion was much more long-winded, and was very thought provoking. The thing is, it all boiled down to this.
Why do we make things so complicated?

Love God. Love People.
To love someone, you need to know them, to intentionally spend time with them.
So, spend time with God, then spend time with people.
It’s dreadfully simple isn’t it?

Then, we practiced it a bit.
We shared prayer requests, but did so with some more comments.
We talked about how we MUST follow through. We said we would pray, now we must. If we do not, there are several results.
(1) we are a hypocrite, and not a man of integrity, so if it is known, we should not be trusted.
(2) even if it is not known, prayer is a solid way to build our community. if we do not pray for one another, we cannot grow as intended.

So, once again, let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no. 🙂

It was great to have someone else bring that up this time. Apparently I’m not alone.

On another note:
Apparently I am set apart a bit, in an odd way.
The current short term team at Hands and Feet this week nicknamed me “John the Baptist” cause I am the lone voice in the desert, according to them. I think it has to do with the fact that I introduced myself as the sole member of my organization, F1 Engineering, though I included that I have worked with everyone that shows up at Church on the Beach at some point.
I don’t fully understand their reference, but I was honored by the comparison nonetheless.

I also received several other compliments this week. I was called an “inspiration” and thanks for the “many things you are doing in Haiti”.
I don’t say this to brag.

I actually want to use this opportunity to invite others to get to work.
I’m not good at what I do. I’m not a skilled electrician, plumber, carpenter, or welder. I don’t have even half the answers to the questions people are asking me, and I don’t have any special secrets to how these things are happening.

God is up to great things cause I’ve made the decision to follow Him.

He’ll do great things if you will too, and I want to hear about them.

Hit your knees in prayer. Seek out where God is working and get involved. He will use you, and you can change the world. Seriously, I’m not anything special. In all honestly, you probably have a better set of skills than me, so do something with them, and not just anything, but something that has ETERNAL value.

Let me know if you need help, cause apparently that’s what I do. I help missionaries do what God has called them to do, and I love it, cause it’s exactly where God has put me.

P.S. I am postponing the rest of the Acts 2 post until tomorrow cause there will be a lot to think through. It will be coming though. 🙂

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