6May14 – Pictures and Updates

We are in the middle of a great week here in Jacmel.

Jamie’s parents, Pertti and Heidi Soderlund, are here to visit from Uganda, and we are enjoying it very much.
For those who do not know, her parents have been missionaries in Uganda and Kenya for over 30 years, following in the footsteps of her grandfather, who left Finland for India when Pertti was only 1 year old, then moved to Kenya 3 years later.

They work with Fida, a Finnish mission, and are involved in work with AIDS orphans and Children Affected by Armed Forces (CAAF), which is mostly former child soldiers. Additionally, they do a lot of evangelism work, which is Pertti’s true passion.
Since none of us really rack up much money for vacations, we had no idea when we would see each other again when we said goodbye in Finland last summer. Thankfully, God provided for this trip through Pertti’s friends and family as a gift for his 60th birthday.
Please join us in thanking God for this blessing, and continuing to pray for them when we have to depart again on Saturday. Also, pray for the rest of Jamie’s family, as her older sister (Daisy) and her family will be moving to Laos as missionaries soon, and her younger sister (Ellen) and her husband (Reese) are studying at university in Finland.

So far, it’s been great to have them here, but it’s also been a very busy time.
We’ve done some great “visitor” things, like going to Basin Bleu, a beautiful waterfall, and visiting with Pastor Lex and Renee at Mission of Hope International up in Grand Goave, but we’ve also been busy with work that is in progress.



On Saturday, we finally “received” the truck!!!
Our plan was simply to pick it up in Grand Goave, and drive it home before unpacking, but out plans had to change. So, Saturday night, we completely unloaded the new truck into the old truck, just to make sure the police didn’t give us any problems. It was interesting because I remember how long it took to pack the new truck, and I never realized how much larger the old truck was. We moved all the stuff over in a couple hours, with room to spare.


Then, on Sunday, we left after the morning service at Mission of Hope to drive South to Jacmel, with Pertti driving the new truck, while I drove the old one.

And now, this week, we’ve been busy with unloading some of the stuff, including our new bed, which we are very excited about.
Additionally, Gayly and Waly have started work on a back wall to our property, using metal piping and tin. I’m very excited about their design and look forward to having the yard reasonably secure for the first time.

Those pictures will come tomorrow, internet permitting, as they start hanging tin on the posts they erected today.

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