Sorry it’s been a while since I posted.
On Saturday, I ventured out to get Bob Wittenbach from up in PAP.
I got to use Renee’s Toyota Rav4 in exchange for putting on 2 tires for them. It was a good deal.
I picked up Yves and Bob, and we hit the road to get to Les Cayes, but decided that it was going to be too late to travel, so we stayed in Grand Goave on Sat night.

On Sunday, we hit the road early to go to Les Cayes, met up with Smiley and Jude at the guest house, and went out to the school in the Savanette.
Jude and Smiley had gotten the 12 new solar panels installed. They seem to be working well enough, though I would like to test more in the future.
The water system is functioning, but cannot keep up with the volume of water being used. This isn’t a big deal. It just means that an area that had no water previously now has it 8am-1pm.
We would like to get it available for all-day usage, but that may be unrealistic. For now, we are happy with the improvement.

Sunday night we even got to watch the super bowl at the guest house. It was pretty sweet, even thought Pittsburgh lost. At least it was a good game, and the Packers are a good team. One I have little problem with losing to.

Today was a long day of driving then too. Left Les Cayes, drove to PAP, dropped off Bob and Yves, then headed back to Grand Goave, where I am sleeping tonight.

Anyhow, that’s a bit of what’s going on. More to share later.
God Bless.

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