Still working on getting the solar panels ordered. First it was supplier holdups, now

it’s in the shipping end. Please pray that this can all get worked out.

Biggest project of the day was tutoring Patrick, one of my Haitian friends, in math to

prep for a GED test. I’ll be honest, I don’t want him to go to college in the states, but

it’s mostly cause I like having him here. That, and I think the U.S. is just full of bad

influences and I think Haiti is a better place in many ways. Plus, the $/education

numbers are terrible when you try to compare college in Haiti to the U.S.

I also got to meet up with Fre Ed from Grand Goave for dinner, so that was sweet. He had

a team down from Georgia that seemed pretty cool. It was good to catch up with Ed, I met

him on my 2nd trip to Haiti, (May 2010), and he’s got some good ministry going on working

in mountain communities in the south as well as Petit Goave.

Plus, I got to play some Trains with Nick and Gwenn, make my first Skype call, and hang

out with Sarah and Gayly.

Now, I’m just not tired yet, so it’s time for bible study.

**Bible Study: Acts 2:42-47**
I’m using my hardcopy of the Bible tonight, so please look it up for yourself since I’m

not going to type the whole thing out (at least I don’t think)

So, after Pentecost, a bunch of people were added to the church (upwards of 3,000), so it

was a pretty ridiculous time of church growth.
How did they teach/minister to all these new people? Did they use “experiencing God” or

maybe “The Purpose Driven Life” or “Crazy Love”?
I’m not picking on these books, they have all had some influence on where I am, but I

feel like we miss this too often.
Here are the basics for the growth of the community known as the church, as well as for

individual believers.

They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching
-This wasn’t merely bible study. To devote themselves would be beyond just learning the

words, but to actually follow them.

They devoted themselves to the fellowship
-When we strive for fellowship first, for the sake of Christ, we look at each other with

the first thought, “I love you”, and can build from there. It is not about us, it is not

about judgement, it is about building each other up to draw communally and individually

nearer to Christ.

They devoted themselves to the breaking of the bread.
-Every church has it’s own policies on “communion”, but I think this goes even beyond

that. For most families, a shared meal time is important to keeping the family strong. I

believe this scripture is talking about physically eating together for the sake of the

church body, as well as remembering the Lord’s Supper. Then, also, each time the group

meets together, remembrance can be made of the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for

the forgiveness of our sins.

They devoted themselves to prayer.
-I can’t say this enough. How can we know God if we do not spend time with Him. How can

we recognize His voice? How can we “seek His face” without talking to Him?
For each of us, let us strive to go humbly to God often, sharing our lives with Him. It

can be venting, yelling, crying, begging, whatever. He knows your heart already, so pour

it out to Him and give Him a chance to respond.

Everyone was filled with awe, many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the

-Again, miracles. I know I’ve talked about this topic a bit lately too. However, today I

have 2 thoughts.
(1) Let’s make sure we give credit where it is due. I think there are many times that God

does something miraculous and we don’t give Him enough credit. God kept Josh and the guys

in his car alive when the durango slid out in the snow. The emergency responders even

attested that they didn’t understand how all the passengers walked away unscathed. Do we

give Him credit? Keep an eye out for where He is working.
Remember, if God is in fact sovereign, as we claim, then there is no such thing as

coincidence, only diving appointment.
(2) If we want to see miracles, we need to seek them out. Look for opportunities to bring

God glory, that is the purpose of miracles. Listen for God’s direction, and don’t be

afraid if he brings you to something impossible and asks you to do it. That is where He

can get the glory.
It is in our absolute weakness that He is shown strongest, and we have no ability to be

prideful, so He gets the glory He deserves.

All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling all their

possessions and goods, they gave to anyone as he had need.
-This one is always interesting, cause it calls for us to sacrifice things that are ours.

However, I want to remind you of an important lesson I have learned. YOU HAVE NOTHING.
Everything belongs to God, you are simply a steward anyhow. Everything you have is His.

All your money, all you possessions, your family, your dog, your hair…
So, when we are called to sacrifice all we have to use it for His glory, and to benefit

His community, we’re only giving God permission to direct us how to use what He has

supplied in a manner He would have us use it. Make sense?

Everyday they continued to meet together in the temple courts.
-Meeting in the temple courts was a time for corporate worship, but also for evangelism.

The temple courts would be the place the jews would gather, so that were seeking out a

“target rich” environment. The people coming to the courts already were seeking after

Jehovah, so it made perfect sense to introduce them to the Messiah.
I’m sure it upset many people, but it was important enough to be worth facing

This was also a time, similar to baptism, where believers would be declaring their

beliefs in public, unashamed.

They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts
-again with the eating, it’s starting to make me hungry again.
-they welcomed one another into their homes. I’m getting a new picture of this right now,

as I’ve been welcomed into the SurfHaiti house, the Alabama House, the Mangine House, and

the Bird House, and they have welcomed me in for meals with glad and sincere hearts. If

we are loving one another, our actions should demonstrate it, and how better than to

provide food and shelter for someone hungry and/or homeless.

praising God and enjoying the favor of all people. And the Lord added to their number

daily those who were being saved.
-When we live a life of faith and love, people will be drawn to it.
At first, people may be confused, or doubt, but when it is revealed that the church

actually is a loving community, faithfully following the Lord, it will be attractive to

others. Even those who disagree will be unable to find fault with a people who love one

another and their God, and when they can’t find fault, they will get intrigued.
Let’s stop giving the world reasons to ignore Christ because they find faults in the

church. Let’s demonstrate love to one another each day.
Think about it, scripture says it is easy to love the one who loves you, but it is in

loving your enemy that you will truly be tested. But, we can’t even manage to love

everyone in our own church. That seems like a major malfunction in our our body.

So, let’s try to model each of these characterics in all parts of our life.

We used this passage a lot when we started “crucified church,” but even 3 years later,

after accidentally starting another church, in a completely different place, I am still

learning more from these passages. Especially that this characteristics apply first to

individuals, and when they are properly modeled, others will follow, and the world will

take notice.

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