7May14 – Workshop Updates

As promised, here are some pictures from the workshop and land now.

The guys (Gayly and Waly) are working on putting up the back wall. They have another assistant, name Jezibon (which mean God is good), working with them too.

We are putting up steel and tin for the back wall, so they have the pillars built now, and will put the tin up today.
Here is a picture.


From the left, this is the view of the back wall from my roof.
In the center, a view looking from the land back towards my roof.
In the top right, Jezibon is painting the steel with Rustoleum stuff.
And in the bottom right, Gayly and Waly are unloading the tin for the wall.

Also, I don’t think I ever put a picture, so here is a picture of our front gate on the land. 🙂


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