7Nov11 – 1

7Nov11 – Part 1 (finally completing 2Nov11)

So, I’m finally getting back to my post from the 2nd. Sorry for the

huge delay. Plus, I’ve got a ton of other thoughts for today.

First, with the lessons from the 2nd.
“Our safety is in God, no matter what the circumstances”
I was hesitant to share the stories behind this, mostly because

people might worry, but I want you to know that this is serious.
It is a critical lesson to learn in your life, as it has been to

Recently, two missionary couples have been robbed down here, both at

gunpoint. One of the missionaries even got shot. Additionally,

another younger missionary girl was getting followed by a “pimp”

after she started ministering to some local prostitutes. And, in

another story, a young girl started an amazing ministry to local

hospitals, caring for the sick and needy, despite great personal

risk of exposure to diseases such at TB.
In talking with these remarkable people, however, there is a common

theme that has been cropping up. When we are with God spiritually,

nothing in this world could possibly endanger us. Our safety lies

purely in Him.
This is not to devalue wisdom, or throw caution to the wind. All of

these missionaries do take precautions, such as armed guards,

security walls, or frequent testings for disease, But, the ultimate

comfort is that God is our strength and protection.
A theif can take possessions, but the possesions are not ours

Disease or guns can injure out bodies, but these physical bodies are

only temporary anyhow.
Our lives on this earth are mere moments compared to our eternal

place with our Heavenly Father, so we place our trust in Him. He has

said that He will not let go of us. Our souls are safe in His arms.

“Fellowship with brothers and sisters in the Lord is very important”
This lesson was much easier to learn, but ties in closely with the

last. Ken and Diane Pierce decided to start a fellowship at their

house. A meeting every Sunday afternoon of local to worship in

English and build up a community of brothers and sisters in ministry

I have been blessed to lead worship with this group the past 2

sundays, and Dad even shared a bit of a message with them last week

when he was here.
This fellowship allows us to encourage and lift one another up. Many

of us go to Haitian churches, but there will always be a different

level of worship as we are struggling to translate in our minds, and

there will always be a cultural disconnect with the people. It is

good to gather together as brothers and sisters with similar, yet

amazingly diverse, calls to spread the Name of Christ. With this

group meeting together, we were able to pray for one another,

including the missionaries that were robbed. It is a chance to share

our struggles without setting off the worries of anyone who may be

reading our blogs. It is a chance to relate to one another and draw

strength from what God is doing in each of our lives.
And it is a reminder of the importance of honest fellowship.

This is a struggle for those in leadership sometimes. As

missionaries, we are seen as the ones who have the answers, the ones

who are faithful, yet we struggle too. Just as pastors at churches

back home desperately need honest fellowship where they can share

their struggles and concerns and lift one another up.

I think it is very important that we, as a culture, realize that

true leadership does show signs of weakness. The reality is that

every leader has weaknesses, and it is through sharing their

struggles, seeking help, and working through them, that a leader can

reach an even higher position than ever before.

So, that closes the lessons from the 2Nov11 post. 🙂 Hope that makes


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