Updates on projects:
-bathroom door is now hung. Still needs a handle, but it’s there.
-The toilet to replace the bidet is probably not going to work. Might just take it out. Only problem is, what do I do with a working toilet to keep it from getting broken. I would have to completely break out the concrete floor and re-plumb the stupid thing.
-also decided that if i take down one of the closets in the kids rooms, not only will it give me more space, i can also re-use the closet doors as doors to the master bathroom.
-rain collection has worked well the past 2 days. honestly wondering if it is possible to overfill the cistern?
-plan to get AccessHaiti internet today. seems to be the best option for here. Hainet is unavailable and HughesNet is too expensive.

-will be pricing materials today for next week’s projects. depending on cost, we may build bunk beds out of metal instead of wood. If that is the case, I will put in some requests for tools to the team coming down. 🙂

Been eating at Child Hope again. Yesterday and today. Might extend it to tomorrow as well, unless I travel tomorrow. Might end up going to Jacmel. We’ll see.

Excited to hear about church on Sunday night back at Crucified. Also saw the flyer for the Halloween Bash, and I’m pretty stoked.

In other news, the EBC youth group scored a major win with encouragement for me.
I love that I got so many notes from them even though we are not very close. Hopefully I will get to talk with them when I get back to share what God has been doing down here.
To everyone who wrote notes, thank you very much, they are right next to my bed when I need a little encouragement.

God Bless

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