So, you may have noticed I’ve been quiet for a while.
Honestly, it’s cause the thing dominating my thought process just couldn’t be shared publicly yet.

Now, I can joyfully share it.
I am engaged to the most amazing, faithful woman I could imagine,
Jamie Soderlund.

It’s a long story, so I will post that once we have written it out, cause God has done great things to get us to this point, but tonight I can at least announce it and share some of the future plans, si Dye vle.

So, now, as for the state of F1 Engineering. Here is where I stand.

I will return to the U.S. (I am currently in Uganda with her and her family) in late September, and visit Cedarville University for my 5 years reunion. Hopefully this will be a great time to share the ministry that is going on and maybe spark some interest from other CU alumni to help out.

Then, I will return to Haiti for my next stint.
I have several major projects to accomplish in this time, but now my priority has also become “establishing a residence” so I can bring Jamie with me after out wedding, which will likely be at the end of this year.

So, please pray for us as we seek God’s hand in providing land. I am still working on how to build out of shipping containers, but all of my designs are worthless without a place to put them. So, pray for God’s guidance and providence with us. He has lead us this far, and I am sure He will continue to lead and provide.

I also have projects to:
-put in a solar installation at a medical clinic in Cap Haitien
-put in solar at Be Like Brit orphanage in Grand Goave
-help with building the conference center with MIA in Les Cayes
-fix the welding machine in Archaie for Children’s Lifeline
-work on electrical planning with Nick at Joy in Hope
-help with electrical installation at MOHI school in Grand Goave

and I’m probably missing other things on my list.

Please pray for wisdom and guidance for me.

If I get land, and my first container, I will be looking for some help from stateside, so don’t be surprised to see that request. Accomodations would be minimal at best, but if I need help, I will post it here.
It would likely be lots of manual labor, some plumbings/electrical work, and sleeping on cots without power until we get it up and running.
And the cost of the trip would be airfare plus about $500 probably, though exact details are completely unknown as I don’t know if/when it would even happen. Just a heads up.

God Bless you.
Thank you for keeping up with me, and I am sorry I have been silent, but I didn’t want to share until we both knew God had pulled us together and were committed to this.

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