So, got a lot to update about this post.

First, I finally got the license plate for my truck. Praise the Lord!
It took a while, but again, that led me to prayer and to trusting Him. I really need to start skipping the whole frustration step and go straight to reliance on His provision every time. Guess I needed at least one more reminder.

Second, on Saturday I went to Madam Bonite’s and installed her new inverter. That is now up and running. She was beyond words in expressing her gratitude. She is a wonderful person and I am glad I could help her again.
I will be returning to her facility in August or September to install solar panels again. I look forward to that trip as well.

Just to share an amazing story from her. She went to visit a family member of a church member from her church.
Anyhow, this isn’t normal for her, cause she runs low on time and doesn’t have a vehicle most days, but she felt God was leading her to make this visit personally. It was a great visit, and then on the way home, as she was walking a very muddy path (so muddy that motorcycles wouldn’t take it), she encountered a group of young adults.
She began tlking to them, mostly small talk, but the conversation turned to Christ, and 6 of them wound up accepting Christ through this conversation.
God does amazing things if we only listen to Him.

Third, I was planning to bring the broken inverter from Bonite’s back to Grand Goave, salvage parts, and put an inverter up at the beach house. However, as I started working on them today, I think I will be able to fix one of the broken inverter’s I have with me with a little super glue on the fan. Pretty excited about that. That should extend our power window so that we have fans all through the night here at the beach.

Fourth, I just want to share about a new website I found, started by a good friend of mine. It is Life With Less.
It is a blog/forum about living a life of intentional minimalism, especially with a spiritual mindset of realizing our needs and our means and living accordingly with a strong faith in God to provide for us.
The forum should be rather exciting as we get an active group of users to share different perspectives about what it means to live with less material possesions, and how to be the best possible stewards of what God has given us.
Obviously, this is a broad topic, with each person needing to come to a very real and personal decision on this, knowing that everyone will be different. For me, it will also be a great chance to voice some of the lessons I have learned about what is truly a “need” in my life, and what is actually a luxury, as well as sharing about how God has provided for my needs despite a serious lack of “income” in the traditional sense of the word.

Finally, I come home on Wednesday to head to Alaska. I am very excited about this trip and look forward to hanging out with friend on the other side of the country.
Also, as a heads up on my schedule, here is what I know.*or at least I think I know. As always, all plans are subject to change*
Midnight, Wednesday the 10th, get back to DC-Reagan. Head to Salisbury, MD to visit family for a couple days.
Friday or Saturday, I will return to Johnstown, but I plan to make a stop around the Frederick area (or maybe lovettsville or gaithersburg, hint hint) if there are some people in the area that want to hang out for a few hours at least.
Then I’ll be heading to Alaska the following Tuesday(16th), before returning the following Monday(22nd).
Again, let me know if you want to catch up, cause I’ll likely only be in PA a couple days before returning to Haiti.

God Bless,

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