for pop-pop, “stoked” is just another word for excited.

so, today was sweet. i’m down in Jacmel, drove down here yesterday with Yves. It was a beautiful drive over the mountains, but the clutch was acting up in the truck the further I traveled.
So, last night and this morning, Larry showed me how to swap out the slave cylinder, which was the problem, and flushed the lines for the clutch.
Hopefully all is well now, otherwise the master cylinder needs replaced too.
All in all, good learning experience and only a $10 repair bill.

Then today I got to be the videographer as Michelle (one of the directors down here) went to pick up their newest child, Mackenson. Mackenson was born shortly before the quake, and was found to be HIV+, so his mother refused treatment and was letting him die. Then Michelle and co. found him, took him to a doctor and started getting him care.
Once he was in a good facility, they re-ran his HIV test and found he was not actually HIV+. His mother still did not want him, so as of today, he is under the care of the Hands and Feet Project here in Jacmel. 🙂
Unfortunately, he also has pneumonia right now, but Dr. Ken Pierce, the newest staff member here is already getting him on meds and will take good care of him.

In another case of “it’s a small world”
The Pierce family were residents of Kauai before moving to Haiti and know some of the people from the Camp Good News I worked at in 2006. Just another case of God laughing as he shows how He has everything in His control.

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