Been an interesting time lately.
Love having Josh here. Rundown so far since he’s got in:
-1 night in Archaie with Children’s Lifeline ministry. We tried to fix their welding unit. Didn’t get it running, but have isolated the problem to the alternator on the unit itself, so I will return in January with an airplane mechanic to assist me.
-1 night in Grand Goave visiting Hands and Feet and Mission of Hope. It was good to see Lori and Kera one last time before we part ways. Sadly I won’t make it back up there again before I leave the country at this rate.
-Wednesday, we stopped at Acts of Mercy in Leogane before coming down to Jacmel. This was kind of a random call, cause I didn’t even know how they got my number. Turns out it was from Marc Stuart (from Hands and Feet), when he went to visit Teresa (a phyisician’s assistant in Christianville). Somehow my number got passed along, and I stopped over to help with maintenance on their inverter system.
Josh actually did most of the inverter work. Filled the batteries with water, and took the cover off the inverter to blow it out with the air compressor. In the meantime, I was addressing their malfunctioning water pump. I believe it was just a short caused by a lack of wire nut (or any insulation at all) on the wires connecting to the water pump. One of them was just touching the case of the pump intermittenly. However, since the wire leading to it was spliced multiple times (6, i think), I decided to replace the whole wire for them. To see Amanda’s reaction (the girl in charge of facilities), you would have thought it was christmas. She was so excited to see a new wire there. It was great.
I’ll be stopping back to help one of the other Acts of Mercy missionaries in January to mount an inverter and batteries properly.

-Then we got to Jacmel. Gayly, Patrick, and some of the Kauai guys had been continuing on the security bars project at Dr. Ken’s house, so we got back into that. They did pretty good with the welding, though the progress had slowed and there were some things I would have done differently. But, it was progress, and the whole thing looks good and is very functional.
-Yesterday we finished up the doors for the back of the house, and today we mounted the whole back porch unit. I’ll post pictures soon, cause it looks pretty sweet.
Hero of the Day: Dan Kennedy, for providing some awesome new combat boots.
Hero of the Week/Project: Bill Johnson of Iron Nature for teaching me how to weld.

This has been such a learning project, and it has been rather trying.
I’ve been frustrated and overjoyed at various times. Shifting from a selfish feeling of ingratitude to a realization that many people are thankful. I can’t explain it, but it gets difficult cause we can make such great progress at the beginning of each unit, as roughing it all together with tack welds can go quickly, but it takes so long to finish between welding all four sides, grinding everything, and mounting the units. I find myself wandering mentally and getting easily distracted.
It’s been awesome though. I have to give a huge shoutout to Gayly and Patrick, two haitians from Olive Tree Projects who have been helping me a ton. Gayly has done a lot of the welding, and Patrick has done a lot of the cutting and grinding. It’s kinda funny looking at them as I realize that they work together a lot like Josh and I do. We complement each other well, and that it what I see with these guys as well.
It’s also been funny to see my different moods reflect each day on the job, as I switch from full sleeves, pants, gloves etc (like a normal american welding) to boots, gloves, and board shorts (more haitian style) depending on what I’m doing and my attitude for a particular day. My important lesson has been learned though, when I have exposed arms or legs, SPF70 gets applied. Welding sunburns are not very fun.

In the recreational side of things:
I have officially surfed now. I caught 2 waves well and was able to stand up and ride them in. This is a first for my life, so I was pretty happy about that. Now I can wear the shirt from SurfHaiti.org proudly. I’ll work on doing more in the future, but I at least didn’t want to wear the shirt until after I had actually ridden a wave.

Also, this team from Kauai has been awesome, but it’s also been cool to spend more time with the Pierce’s. Ken and Diane are great people and I really appreciate staying with them. Their daughter, Hannah, is here now and is a nerd, so it’s been nice to get to hang out with a legit nerd who can talk about Firefly, Video Games, and other various topics. Sadly, Emi is not here right now cause she’s back on Kauai. Please be praying for her, as life has been interesting lately out there.

On a more spiritual note:
It’s been great reflecting on God, life, and everything with the various people around here. Dr. Clayton (who works up in Seguin, east of Jacmel), has been great to ponder life with. He has a very interesting perspective and it is refreshing to talk with him.
I find myself wandering mentally and spiritually, a little ADD of sorts. It is great every morning to try to refresh myself, and I want to rededicate more time to prayer as I move forward, to get more consistent in my relationship with Christ. Not that things have been bad, but they haven’t been as awesome as I’ve known before, so I need to work on that.

Oh, and some things I almost forgot:
-1 – at Children’s lifeline in Archaie, they were taking care of a 3 month old baby who weighed only 3.5 lbs. This baby was being fed mashed up food cause his mom had died and his grandmother had nothing else to feed him. Pray for this baby that he can grow strong as he is nursed back to health and for this family as they try to take care of him without his mother.
-2 – the dogs are awesome here at Dr. Ken’s. Their names are Mary and Martha, they love to swim, and they really like the rawhides that mom sent down for them.
-3 – I’m super exited to see the progress at Mission of Hope in Grand Goave. Finally, the banks got things in order so they have their money available to start pressing forward with the construction of their new school. It’s gonna be sweet.
-4 – When I visited the HAF-Grand Goave site, it was awesome to see all the kids from Jacmel getting along great with the Gr. Goave kids and how everything was working out there. It was like a church camp. Sure, things are a bit crammed, but everyone was in good spirits and I think this will be a good growth experience for all of them.

Prayer Requests:
-Emi Pierce: Intersting stuff happening on Kauai in her life
-Andrew Sutton (from HAF-GG) as he’s been sick
-For Surf: cause condition haven’t been great for it and this Kauai team would really like to get some good waves for teaching and for pictures for Surfhaiti.org

Sometime I’ll give an update on Surfhaiti.org as well. It is an interesting concept for development, I just am too tired to share it right now. Check out their website for more details.

God Bless.

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