So, my mind is racing with interesting thoughts tonight.

First, and foremost is a request for prayer.
Tonight I am fully aware of our (as humans) dependency on God in

this world.

Today, I received word that some of my new friends from “Church on

the Beach” in Jacmel were robbed at gunpoint last night.
This marks the 3rd missionary couple in the past month to be robbed

in that town. The first of which included the wife being shot.
She is physically recovering fine.
However, there is a remarkable toll being taken on all the

missionaries in the area.
Please be praying for the Brown’s, the Mangine’s, and Cody and Marie

(whose last name I can’t remember right now). As well, be praying

for all the missionaries in Jacmel, and for these thieves. To be

honest, there is an evil surpassing deperation in their actions.

Theft is commonplace, typically of a petty variety here. But to

enter a house full of children, guns blazing, there is more than

just a desperation for money. Please pray that these men would come

to know the error of their ways. And please pray that the Police

would be steadfast in their investigation and find some leads to

stop this string of robberies.

As ministers of the Gospel, these victims all know that God is with

them, but it is hard to see in the darkness sometimes. Please pray

for peace of mind and for comfort.

Second, as another request for prayer. My prayers today go out to

all involved in the Penn State Scandal. Especially for the victims

of the alleged crimes and for JoePa.
He is not a victim of the scale of the children involved, but I feel

that he has become a victim as well. For those that don’t know, this

story hits close to home, so understand that.
Joe was told by one friend that another friend did something wrong.

He was caught in a terrible place. So, he took it to the authorities

who were supposed to deal with it. I’m sure he was torn over whether

he should do anything else, but at the time, he is simply caught up

in hearsay. The authorities should have done all the investigation,

not Joe himself. The authorities failed, yet Joe has taken crap for

I’m not saying you should all feel sympathy towards him, but please

pray for Joe to have some peace as well as the undeserved disgust is

thrown his way. Pray for Jerry Sandusky, that the truth will come

out and he can be made whole through repentance should he so choose,

even as he serves a well-deserved jail time. Pray for the children,

who will always live with pain from this, and the families that have

been torn apart.

Third, on a happier note. I have some things to report on the

missions front.
-A- The response to my plea for footwear has been awesome. Thanks to

Pop-Pop and Dan I know I will have boots in the near-ish future.

This is awesome, especially the speed at which this has occured.
-B- The response to my idea for Kweglist has included an old friend

from Cedarville. Joshua Lansford is looking to come on board in

helping design this site to aid missionaries. Due to recent events,

this site can also be used for important news updates, such as

break-ins, political demonstrations, and the like.
-C- Tonight, as I sit in Les Cayes, I have finally had time to be an

engineer again, and I am enjoying it. I ripped apart 2 broken

inverters and a broken battery charger. I didn’t get to fix them,

but I know I have a bad low-voltage power supply on one, a blown

fuse on the 2nd, and a blown capacitor on the 3rd. Gotta say that

Duotech services really was a helpful first job for me in teaching

me how to troubleshoot broken electronics with no documentation on

hand. So, if anyone from Franklin is reading, pass my thanks on to

Dan Rogers and company for the wonderful opportunity they gave me

before I got called into full time ministry.

Anyhow, that’s some updates for tonight…God Bless.

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