9Oct13 – Big new steps

Last night, almost a year after finally renting a house for the first time in Haiti, I renewed that lease. So, Jamie and I have our house for another year.
Additionally, however, I made a deal with the landlord to rent the adjacent lot as well.

This lot, as seen from the roof of our current house, is 3/4th walled, and mostly vacant, but it will be a site to start a community workshop. For those of you that have been waiting for me to do something with containers, it looks like the time is finally here.

I have a container that I want to put on the land as storage for tools, and we will clean up the yard and make it a viable work space. The hope is to have training seminars here, as well as just providing a spot to allow the locals to come use tools and empower them to develop their own craftsmanship.
The container will likely be put in the nice gap on the ground where the tree trunk is laying.

Additionally, we’re very excited to have trees with coconut, breadfruit, mango, and limes in our new yard.

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