A Call to Action

So, why is there an urgent need for funds?

Because this is the time when shipping is not a problem. If I am taking things into the country that do not fit in airplane luggage, it needs to happen now.

What specifically do I want to take in?
First, solar panels. Madame Bonite needs more panels, and she will raise the money to cover them, but by the time she raises the money, I will have to figure out another way to ship them. And that could result in a lot more money spent, or more unfortunately, a shipment of panels sitting on a dock in Port-Au-Prince with her panels for 6-8 months, which is what happened to Mercy and Sharing.
Solar Panels are available in Haiti, but typically at a cost roughly 3x higher than in Miami.
Madame Bonite is not the only location. Missions E4 (Leogane) and some other facilities want to get solar panels, and the stock from Missions International of America is exhausted*. If I can ship the panels in now, I can “sell” the panels to ministries in need at the price I paid, saving them the cost and hassle of shipping, and saving them the labor costs of installation as I do that for free.
Cost: $1500 per installation set (I would like to take in at least 3 sets)

*All remaining panels with MIA are tasked with providing power for the factories we are trying to start

Second, solar cells. Solar cells are the individual pieces that get put together to form solar panels. I want to teach haitians how to do it. Why? Cause they need jobs, and this job would result in lower cost solar panels and higher employment rates in the country. Lower unemployment translates to less economic orphans, better nutrition, less disease, better education for children, and an improved economy.
If I can take in the first batch of cells, teach haitians to build them, and put up a sample installation of haitian-built solar panels powering a deep-well water pump^ to provide clean water to their community, then we can prove that this is a viable idea and hopefully continue to grow from there. Help us get started.
Cost: $3,500

^These water pump systems can provide water to a community of several hundred people. They’re pretty sweet, Just sayin’

Third, data logging equipment. Basic solar installation is relatively easy. Plug Part A into Part B, and Part B into Part C. However, troubleshooting one of these systems is much more difficult. A simple multimeter will supply current voltage or current readings, but those change as often as clouds roll by. I need to have a system to measure the status of an entire system for at least 24 hours at a time. I have seen logging equipment for this at Duotech Services, my old employer in North Carolina. This is the next step in moving beyond simply setting up solar panels to actually understanding what works and doesn’t work and truly mastering the art of solar installation. This would yield much better efficiency and success rates in all systems. Cost: $2,000

Fourth, and this is last on my priority list, cause I can get them in Haiti, Batteries. Batteries cost about 50% more in Haiti, so I would like to ship some down. This is an absolute dream, I do not expect this to happen, but if I do not ask, if cannot happen.
Cost: $1,600 per installation set (ideal, 3 installation sets or more)

How can you help?
Spread the word
Pray some more

Donations can be made by mailing to F1 Engineering, 218 Maple Ave, Johnstown, PA 15901 or by going to http://ww.f1engineering.org/donate

Important Notes:
Any donations received in the next 2 weeks will go to these items, and only these items, unless absolutely no cost goals are met. Then they will go to the most useful tools that I can put in the truck.

Also, remember that everything given is impotent. The widow’s mites were a treasure to Christ. And he also took 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed thousands of people. If you can help at all, even for just $1, that’d be sweet.

Only thing is. Do it for His Glory. It’s all His money anyhow, He just wants to give you the opportunity to partner with Him to accomplish His goals. So if you give, Give joyfully. 🙂

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