How to Help

How to Help:

First, please pray for us as often as you think of us. We can do nothing without the Lord’s provision.
Everyday we set our priorities based on how God is leading us. Please pray that we would have wisdom and vision to align our work with the projects that He deems as most important, even if they don’t line up with what our minds think are most logical.
Pray also that we would continue to grow closer to Him. Each morning, we must choose, again, to take up our cross, die to ourselves, and honor Him with all we have. It’s hard at times, and, I confess, some days my flesh beats out his Spirit in me. Those are the days that my patience wears thin and the stresses pile up. Pray that we would continue to look to Him through all things, knowing that He will provide all that we need, when we need it.

Second, our ministry is based primarily on relationships and discipleship. Pray for those we are ministering to.
Specifically, pray that God would make himself known to each of our apprentices in the shop. We want our relationship to move beyond mentorship and into discipleship, but we can’t force that change.

As for more humanly direct ways to help, we have some ideas for specific types of people, labeled like this ***Job Description*** or more information below on short term missions or supporting us from in the U.S.

We have a constant need to a mechanic to help the missionaries in the Jacmel area.
When there are major troubles, it probably means we need someone to come in, help us rip apart the broken vehicle, and figure out what is wrong. Then we can order parts and try to fix it ourselves when the parts come in. If it’s too complicated, we would need someone to come back to help install the parts as well, but typically we can’t get parts in less than a week or two.

***An Accountant***
F1 Engineering could really use some help with accounting. Right now, my dad is our accountant and he keeps us going. However, he doesn’t have time for this and it adds a boatload of stress and mess to his life. If you have the ability to help with accounting, please let us know because we could really use it.

Please be praying for us that God would provide someone to join our ministry full time and make known the path of how that person (or persons) can move to Haiti well.
Also, we also have a bunch of ideas sitting on the shelf that an engineer in the U.S. may be able to help with in their spare time.

Professional Tradesmen: People who can come and either (a) help us with projects, or (b) teach seminars, through an interpreter, so local young men can learn trades. This includes mechanics, carpenters, welders, or others that create things with there hands. Email me with any thoughts, and we can talk about what is available here and how exactly we can make a class work, or what projects we will need done in the near-ish future.

Also, for other Short Term Missions Opportunities:
We do, occasionally, host people to come work with us here in Haiti. If you think God may be calling you to this, please contact me at It doesn’t have to be for a specific project, but if you feel that God wants you to get involved in our ministry by coming in person, please let us know and we’ll work with you. I don’t know God’s plans, but if He wants you here, there’s a reason, so please talk to us. We would love to help you fulfill a calling to ministry, whether short or long term.

We don’t do typical short-term missions in the “go to an orphanage” or “put on vacation bible school” manners, as they really don’t apply to our field. However, talk to us if you feel called to come here and we’ll see if there is an opportunity for you to come with us, or if we can partner you with a friend’s ministry that fits your calling.

In an effort to be the best possible stewards we can be, Jamie and I try to be very efficient with our “stuff” here in Haiti.
If you want to bless us with gifts, please email us and we will talk through how that can happen.
For our ministry, typically, tools are a primary need, though they are heavy and difficult to transport, so we have to determine what is worth shipping in, and what should be bought here.
This is a typical concern with anything we need, so please let us know if you are considering any donations and we will help figure out the best way to handle things.
We also put up wishlists on Amazon occasionally, for anyone who is interested in gifting us something that we have figured out we need, and that is worth shipping in. For me, it’s usually tools. For Jamie, it’s likely books or household stuff that we use to for our spiritual growth and to make our home a good environment for other missionaries to come and get a break and take some time with God.

Also, financial donations can be made by using the PayPal link on the right sidebar.

or by sending a check to:
F1 Engineering
414 Greenich St.
Johnstown, PA 15902
If you want any information about our current needs for the workshop, or for pro-bono style solar installations, or how to help our guys, please email us.


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