Floods in PAP

So, I can’t neccesarily put words into the situation in Port-Au-Prince right now, cause I’m not there, but here’s what I know.

2 days ago, there was torrential rain that swept away anything that was not secured, and quite a bit that was. Last count was 23 dead, and it included the area called Delmas 75 where the Hands and Feet house is.
Everyone was ok at the HAF house, but they lost parts of their security wall and had up to 4 ft of water fill their first floor, covering the generator, batteries, tools, stove, washer, and dryer.
As of today, everything but the dryer is functioning fine thanks to cleanup from Drex and Jo Stuart, Lauren, Zac, Andrew, and Michelle.

However, for a good idea of how this impacted the city itself, please read this link:


God Bless.

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