HAF Project Needs Help

Quote from Bob Herdman, director of HAF Project:

“Here is the story on the HAF house in Port au Prince. I went down to PAP about a month ago to rent a house so we could house these 30 kids who are living under a tarp and sleeping on the dirt. It is probably the worst situation I have personally seen. Another orphanage in PAP was able to feed the kids once a day but had to room to take them all in. It took me almost three weeks to finally get the house rented. Everything takes extra time there. Once we close to being able to house the kids the adult who has been looking after them came to me via a translator and wanted me to hire her people or “staff” as she put it. I said I wouldn’t hire any of her people because I suspected they really didn’t care about the kids and only wanted money. I did agree to meet her staff and when I did she brought nine members of her “board” I guess and a lawyer. Ultimately they said I had to hire at least three of the board and the lady would be in charge of the house and would pay people, etc. etc. They were using the kids as assets to make money and set themselves up with an American funded organization. I had no choice but to pass on their “offer”. I walked away and the kids are still living under a tarp.

I feel bad for the kids but there was nothing I could do. We decided that we would take kids one at a time. The need is great and people we know there in PAP get request to take orphaned children quite often. It may have been for the best also because we are not ready to bring kids in and live yet. We still have many things to do to get it ready. I had to leave to come back home and now I need to find someone who can fill in temporarily or permanently. The bad part is that we have never started off like this so we don’t totally know what we are doing either. So I need someone who is very flexible and doesn’t mind a little chaos and who can also help get us organized there in PAP.

We have a house and a car and one full time translator who lives there full time. We have to get things like a generator, inverter, batteries, bunk beds, mattresses, internet, paperwork filled out, supplies, cooking equipment and about a thousand other things. I know in the future this site will be a great asset in helping kids but right now it needs a lot of help and attention.

I have someone there until Sept 20 and then she has to leave. I might have someone that can stay a day or two after that but then I have no one. I have some funds set aside to operate the house but not to hire any US staff so you would have to raise your own support or pay your way for a temporary spot. That makes it ever more appealing doesn’t it? J So, if you are looking for a challenge then we have one.”

I may join in. He’ll still be looking for another person. I would be setting up the house, but someone with better administrative thoughts would be ideal as well.
Pray for guidance. This is a short notice thing, but it may be neccesary. Just screws up some other plans for going to Ohio and all.

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