Haiti Trip Preliminary Details

Thoughts on a trip to Haiti:

I want to set up a trip to bring people from Johnstown down to help me in Haiti.

-Probably over Thanksgiving. Mayeb November 20-28th, or the following week, Nov 25-Dec 6th.
-I realize this is probably less than ideal, but my schedule is pretty tight, so I gotta figure it out when I can.

-Airfare (Probably $500 or so)
-Plus $350 for a week. This will cover food, transportation, insurance, lodging, and materials for the work we are doing.

Haven’t picked yet, but here are some examples:
-In Jacmel, work with Madam Bonite to finish her guest house and help however needed. Lots of painting, minor electrical (installing outlets and receptacles), maybe some floor tiling, and other stuff.
-Probably would also include some work on her new orphanage facility depending on where things stand with that.

-In Grand Goave, I have a long list of projects to work on, though we would ask Pastor Lex for priorities.

-In a different location, if a need arises.

At all locations, there would be lots of working with locals, and playing with kids as well.

Personal Needs for trips:
-You will need a passport, and an up to date tetanus shot. Also I will get you a perscription for malaria medication to take as a precaution.

Let me know who is interested.
Don’t let the cost scare you off btw. Pray about things and if this is where God wants you, money will be provided somehow. We’ll help you figure that out.

God Bless.

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